TransUnion: Advanced Analytics to Reduce Risk

Mohit Kapoor, CIO
We use the term ‘Big Data’ to deal with information that is large and complex that comes from multiple sources. As the financial industry has to deal with mountains of data regarding fraud and risk, the traditional approaches seem to be antiquated,” says Mohit Kapoor, CIO, TransUnion. Headquartered in Chicago, TransUnion leverages state-of-the-art tools and technologies including Ab Initio, Hadoop and Hadar to maximize relative strengths of each technology in answering the questions posed by its clients in a timely manner. Using these tools, the company now sifts billions of records to create results that clients desire, from creating actionable “what if” analysis to highlighting unique details and possible patterns that might indicate suspicious activity requiring further investigation.

The company offers a deep understanding of the data it is entrusted to by its customer and helps them to improve efficiency, manage risk, reduce costs and increase revenue by delivering comprehensive data, advanced analytics and decisioning capabilities. It has gradually expanded its wings from financial services to other industries such as insurance, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, rental screening, consumer and law enforcement. In each case, TransUnion is helping its customers make timely decisions in credit and risk management.

TransUnion also offers numerous solutions like credit reporting, portfolio management and fraud and identity management to its multiple customers. The Credit Reporting solution updates, audits and monitors millions of files on a regular basis. Portfolio Management monitors the risk continuously to mitigate losses and improve decisions to increase revenue. Fraud and Identity Management helps in protecting the business of the customers as it verifies and ensures that the right customer is accessing their data to reduce risk and potential losses.

CreditVision, the recently launched solution of the company helps consumers by providing the full history of their credit management to make effective credit decisions.
“This is a progressive advancement from traditional credit reports that provided just a current month point-in-view of customer services,” says the CIO. TransUnion’s depth and breadth of understanding data to deliver analytical and decisioning services in numerous vertical markets makes the company unique from its competitors.

TransUnion’s services and expertise in Big Data are just not confined to the U.S. A growing and emerging middle class throughout Latin America, India and Brazil are in need of financial, credit and insurance services. Leveraging Big Data with comprehensive decisioning and analytical tools will be key to help these emerging economies sustain growth and effectively manage risk.

TransUnion is helping its customers make timely decisions in credit and risk management

TransUnion has currently more than 90,000 data sources reporting information to the company and is managing multiple data centers around the world. “We are deploying world-class analytic technologies that dramatically shrink analytic project times. By leveraging platforms such as Ab Initio, Netezza, Hadar, Hadoop and powerful analytical and visualization tools, we are able to process vast amounts of data and link and match disparate data sources and formats,” says Kapoor. Endeavoring to provide financial, credit and insurance services to various countries, the company with the help of comprehensive data and analytical tools is planning to help enterprises in these nations— offering timely business information to mitigate fraud and risk.


Chicago, IL

Mohit Kapoor, CIO

Provides tools and resources to help in information and risk management.