Advanced Analytic Services: Unlocking Big Data’s Hidden Potential

Albert Cheng, Executive
In the current era of big data, data sources like Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, social media, and mobile devices are generating unprecedented levels of datasets of in¬creasing volume, velocity, and variety. The big data explosion calls for technologies with new forms of data integration capabilities to capture, manage, and analyze massive volumes of disparate data to extract insights that can drive better decisions and create competitive advantage. This is where Advanced Analytic Services steps in. With over 14 years of experience, the company helps organizations leverage data-driven strategies and bestows the capability to be innovative, competitive, and capture value from data mining, analytics, and real-time in¬formation. “We provide customers the ability to analyze, predict, and consume data in the right manner to fulfill their demands for accessing accurate data on time,” states Albert Cheng, Executive, Advanced Analytic Services. The organization offers a complete range of technical and consulting services to accelerate data analysis with its Business Intelligence (BI) and end-to-end data consolidation tools—helping clients unlock the hidden potential of big data.

The company’s big data services enable warehousing of data on Hadoop or on cloud to help clients maximize their data assets. The firm structures Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with the help of infrastructure analysis, data modeling, integration with enterprise systems and leading Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools, and performance tuning. A well planned design ensures that the data warehouse reflects dynamic changes in the business. Customers can achieve their desired goals with the help of Hadoop technology, cloud, data predictions. Being IoT based, the services can also easily predict and analyze data to help users build product models.

The company’s capability to provide enterprise level services for data analysis regardless of complex data structure, places them ahead of their competitors.

We provide customers the ability to analyze, predict, and consume data in the right manner

“We perform graph based data computing and storage for customers to understand better,” adds Cheng.

The company also invests heavily in Research and Development (R&D) by involving service providers and vendors to develop advanced solutions for customers. When there is a demand in the market for a new solution, Advanced Analytic Services is already well prepped to deliver it to clients. Besides, “we provide data mining capabilities during predictive analysis,” says Cheng. By combining data mining practices with predictive analytics, customers can address critical business problems even before they occur. Advanced Analytic Services empowers clients to understand customer behavior, risk assessment, and detect fraud.

In the present evolving market, customers are gradually moving their services onto big data platforms. The company’s workforce actively communicates with clients and ensures that the transparent and direct interaction helps develop better services that are result-based and customer-centric. “We work closely with our customers and help them derive value from the data and use the insights in their projects,” explains Cheng.

In order to remain competitive, “we perceive ourselves to be on the verge of bankruptcy, and that keeps us going in the market,” says Cheng. Forging ahead, the organization is planning to enhance its existing services and grow the business. We are highly focused on expanding our Hadoop and big data services,” concludes Cheng.

Advanced Analytic Services

Shanghai, China

Albert Cheng, Executive

Offers a complete range of technical and consulting services to accelerate data analysis