Analytics Engines: Spearheading Big Data and Analytics Disciplines

Dr. Ben Greene, CTO
“Much like sailing a quarter tonner boat, a company’s progress is dependent on the team of employers and employees. Working in harmony will help them sail the boat and tackle any squall it hits,” said Dr. Ben Greene, Chief Technology Officer at Analytics Engines. Following this line of thought has driven Analytics Engines to build an expert team of engineers, who focus on technology and domain experts who understand the needs of their customers and the challenges they face.

A recent study conducted by CA Technologies revealed that nearly 92 percent of global enterprises have big data tools in their core strategy for better return on investment (RoI). The difficulty they face is in leveraging them effectively within a business. Northern Ireland based Analytics Engines addresses the pivotal challenges when it comes to utilizing big data applications by compiling and aggregating a variety of data from disparate sources for analytics purposes.

“Monitoring and maintenance of big data environments is a growing challenge for firms in a highly-information driven world,” says Dr. Greene. To address the issues faced by companies dealing with data, Analytics Engines offers a turnkey end-to-end analytics platform— Analytics Engines XDP™. This platform enables companies to combine data assets into a single environment where it can be analyzed irrespective of the source and type of data. “We have built a modular platform that can house all the data assets held by a company. The flexible nature of the platform allows new tools to be easily added and removed from existing infrastructure ensuring that the organizations data infrastructure is future proofed. “This just isn’t possible with existing solutions,” explains Dr. Greene.

Analytics Engines XDP empowers its customers enabling the use of a range of data stores best suited to both internal and external data assets. “By utilizing the right data store for any particular data asset, the customer can use the power of the specific tools accordingly and integrate them to ensure that information is presented and are query-able within a single integrated data environment.”
Analytics Engines also leverages a DBMS (Database Management System) layer to integrate, compile, and virtualize the data stores. “Through the use of data virtualization we are able to link together the range of data stores that we provide. This means that we are free to utilize these different data stores to optimize the storage and analysis of the data while providing a single uniform interface to it.”

The company is currently developing products to add to its list of offering such as XDP PipelineArchitect™. PipelineArchitect enables users to create complex pipelines of data processes in a graphical form. Through the use of directed acyclic graphs and memoization the pipelines developed are optimized for processing while also providing a secure audit trail of all analytics.

In a recent implementation, Analytics Engines worked with a leading pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics organization, Almac Group. The organization had observed a computational hindrance in its complex and innovative bioinformatics analytics workflows, which had become difficult to scale. The implementation of Analytics Engines XDP purged the bottleneck and revamped the architecture of Almac’s workflows. Further, it led to a transformation of the processes, with an industrialization of the analytics pipelines through automated data management, scheduling and filtering, and execution of Almac’s proprietary processes. As a result, the pipelines could run 25 times faster than before and reduced the time per analysis. “What used to be month long project can now be run in one or two days,” says Dr. Tim Davison, Almac’s VP of Bioinformatics.

Moving forward, Analytics Engines has high aspirations. “We already have a base of highly satisfied customers but we also have an aggressive growth strategy.” The company plans on expanding its global footprint across the range of sectors they work in “Our product is a game changer,” concluded Dr. Greene. “We have developed a platform that has the potential to transform businesses and provide the analytics backbone of the entire organization.”

Analytics Engines

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dr. Ben Greene, CTO

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