ATTOM Data Solutions: Delivering Tangible Insights into Consumer Behavior

Rob Barber, CEO
Big data is changing the real estate industry, from finance and transactions to maintaining nationwide property records. As consumers raise their expectations for better services from real estate professionals, the trend of enhancing real estate applications through big data has gathered pace. ATTOM Data Solutions, a real estate data company formerly known as RealtyTrac, is at the forefront of enhancing real estate transparency through big data, operating as a data solutions provider. “Real estate is one of the largest data producing and consuming industries in the world. In this incredibly dynamic, fast-moving industry, we offer a one-stop shop for businesses to access premiere, nationwide property and neighborhood data,” asserts Rob Barber, CEO, ATTOM Data Solutions. The Irvine, CA based firm collects and licenses housing data, including loan and home sales data, furthering the company’s mission of providing real estate transparency.

“We innovate from content, technology, and business model perspectives,” cites Barber. As property buyers are keen on enquiring about each and every aspect of the property, ATTOM Data Solutions has upgraded its data assets to include public record data for 150 million properties across the country. “Every parcel of land has its own DNA. It has a number of characteristics that are specific to that property, the land that the property occupies, and also its financial characteristics. It’s a combination of all of these elements that paves the way for our entire national property database,” describes Barber.

ATTOM Data Solutions has created a national, unified data warehouse with a myriad of demographic information about school systems, nearby environmental risk, natural hazards like earthquake, flood, and fires, as well as information about registered offenders and crime that one might want to know before purchasing a property. As more information becomes available, it creates opportunities for companies to deliver more granular performance-based information about properties.

We innovate from content, technology, and business model perspectives

ATTOM Data Solutions has developed tech-enabled capabilities, granting users access to their national database in a more adaptive and flexible way.

Having been in the industry for more than two decades, ATTOM Data Solutions has many successful implementations to its credit. In one instance, the firm assisted a solar energy company to build a predictive marketing engine. The client strictly wanted to target the homes and home owners in need of solar energy, eventually saving their investment in marketing and increasing the conversion rate. ATTOM Data Solutions organized a big data exercise through which an analysis was conducted, involving the existing solar customers and prospective clients considering the move to a solar energy system. “We were able to find other customers across the country with the same interests and created a predictive marketing engine that targeted the homes that were most likely to purchase solar products,” notes Barber.

Riding on such success stories, ATTOM Data Solutions is focused on maintaining their customer-centric business model—a two way flow of information that results in innovative uses of data. The firm intends to continue being a leader in real estate data by leveraging big data and enhanced data science capabilities to provide the most optimal data solutions to their customers. On a progressive note, Barber concludes, “We will continue to evolve the delivery mechanisms and ingest property information in a more efficient way, by analyzing the commonalities and preferences of consumers, and directing them towards the right property.”

ATTOM Data Solutions

Irvine, CA

Rob Barber, CEO

ATTOM Data Solutions provides businesses and consumers with property data that increases real estate transparency and promotes wise decision making

ATTOM Data Solutions