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Jaume Portell, CEO and Co-Founder
Big data analytics have played a crucial role in reviving and reinventing the conventional retail and consumer services industry, once poised at the cusp of displacement by E-tailing. Today, even the brick-and-mortar stores rely heavily on in-store digital marketing strategies powered by big data solutions tailored to help the merchants optimize the overall shopping experience for their customers. Harnessing the expeditiously generated multi-channel data from popular social media channels and mobile devices, the retailers can derive actionable insights, allowing them to support their cross-merchandising endeavors.

Barcelona, Spain-based Beabloo creates value with big data for their clients by focusing on the human reaction in context of the retail environment. The firm combines their proximity marketing services and analytics tools—digital signage screens, Wi-Fi, and video analytics—with location-based technologies like beacons and mobile applications, to provide clients with metrics systems and push mechanisms that support real world product communication. “We use big data to optimize content communication in the retail stores, catering to their need to share information with the world through products, services, and promotions,” extols Jaume Portell, CEO and Co-founder, Beabloo.

Beabloo also specializes in technologies that measure customer behavior anonymously through different types of physical sensors, in a manner that is relevant for both themselves and their clients. Further, the firm equips its clients with technological solutions that simultaneously integrate with all the systems and support convergence of both the online and offline communication in context of the stores.

Beabloo leverages the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to deliver cutting-edge customer analytics solutions that hold the capabilities to analyze humongous amounts of unstructured data and provide cooked data. Measuring the effectiveness of both offline and online campaigns or the staff’s efficiency to prolong the duration of customer visits, Beabloo’s system gives the merchant a fair idea of the value created in the process.

We use big data to optimize content communication in the retail stores, catering to their need to share information with the world

The end-results include improved traction and a brand-loyal and value-adding customer base that substantially increased the customer’s ROI.

One of the instances had the NBA Stores in China deploying Beabloo’s digital signage solution to expand the capabilities of their offline stores. The solution deployed in context of the store along with an online catalogue of products allowed the customers to approach the kiosks, browse through the products, select the ones they like, pay for it, and get them delivered at their homes. Beabloo’s integration with WeChat, a mobile application with over 700 million application users that automatically discovers the product promotions available within a store at that given point of time, gave NBA’s clients the option of enjoying the physical feel of the product while customizing it based on the preferences available online. Additionally, the combination of Wi-Fi and video analytics integrated with the system allowed NBA Stores to anonymously detect the customers’ reaction to the type of content displayed at their kiosk.

Beabloo delivers their omni-channel digital marketing expertise to enable real world product communication and measure customer reaction to these campaigns through a single platform. The firm plans to include additional features and a substantial upgrade to their digital marketing solutions in the near future. A recent addition slated for release is the “In-a-box solution” designed for micro-stores to help them communicate efficiently with their customers and compete with big retailers.

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Beabloo Promotes Interaction Care: the Solution that Reduces the Risk of COVID-19 Infection, via the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Jaume Portell, Beabloo Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder

The retail tech companys solution uses real-time alerts to avoid high-risk interactions and boost security in public spaces.

Available worldwide through the Azure Marketplace, Interaction Care maps physical spaces to ensure compliance with social distancing while respecting privacy standards.

Retail tech company Beabloo has just made its Interaction Care solution available worldwide through Azure Marketplace. This solution includes artificial intelligence to maximize health and safety in spaces affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our main motivation in designing this solution was to help our clients protect their customers and employees during this unprecedented situation. Interaction Care is an integrated solution that uses tried-and-tested technologies to minimize the risk of contagion in any public space, explained Jaume Portell, Beabloo CEO and co-founder. He highlights that we can now deliver our solution anywhere in the world, thanks to Azure Marketplace.

Interaction Care is a tech solution in the Microsoft cloud that has already been implemented in various spaces. It is designed to reduce the risk of contagion in public and to make it easier to implement actions necessary during the pandemic and going forward, such as: controlling lines outside a physical space, monitoring indoor traffic, and creating more dynamic content that gives users a safer and more gratifying shopping experience.

How Interaction Care works

Interaction Care is an integrated system that includes digital signage, thermal cameras, people counting sensors, and the Beabloo content management system (which coordinates the messages displayed on the screens). This tech suite collects data that detects high-risk interactions in real time, both inside and outside physical spaces. All data collection is based on established privacy standards.

Outside the business, a screen can allow entry based on occupancy and the flow of people in and out of the space. It also checks peoples body temperature and detects whether they are wearing a mask (triggering a reminder to put one on).

Once inside, Interaction Care identifies high-risk zones and displays messages to remind people of the appropriate safety measures on screens. This technology will become an important ally for reducing the risk of future outbreaks. Not only will it help avoid the human consequences of the virus, it will also reduce the economic impact for public spaces.

A global solution

Now available in the Microsoft Azure cloud and Azure Marketplace, Interaction Care has become one of the most important solutions to come out of the COVID-19 crisis on the global market. Thanks to support from Microsoft, Beabloo has been able to implement the solution outside Spain in the rest of Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The main advantage of this solution is that it adapts to any space, including bank branches, pharmacies, supermarkets, and shops. This makes an essential part of allowing any physical business to stay open during the pandemic, and it can be used to improve the space in future.


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Jaume Portell, CEO and Co-Founder

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