BIGDATAPUMP: Building Cloud Analytics Solutions for the Future

Teemu Birkstedt, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder
A 21st century gold rush is under way—but it isn’t about some precious yellow metal, it’s about data. With everything going digital, data is pouring in from all kinds of sources imaginable. Organizations are getting inundated with terabytes and petabytes of data in different formats from sources like operational and transactional systems, customer service points, and mobile and web media (one area worth of mentioning would be the “different kinds of sensors”). The quest to unlock the potential of big data has sparked a gold rush in many organizations and industries. Amid this revolution, BIGDATAPUMP is one reliable company, which has embarked on a journey to develop resilient and stellar analytics tools for organizations operating across various market verticals. “We strive to provide scalable and secure data analytics platforms that can enable our customers to reach excellence and drive digital transformation,” underscores Teemu Birkstedt, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder, BIGDATAPUMP. “Our visualized, real-time business intelligence solutions enable organizations to drill and analyze data to generate quantifiable insights.”

Like gold miners extracting the nuggets from raw ore, Turku, Finland based BIGDATAPUMP can extract real values from the heap of raw data. With its statistical reports and predictive modeling, the company builds a clean, consistent data asset for customers, and enriches their internal data with rich external data sources. Data asset, managed on a secure and scalable data and analytics platform, is a starting point for building value.

BIGDATAPUMP has also tailored its solutions to remain level with any environment or technologies like sensors and Internet of Things. “We call this location analytics, which can extract data from sensors and provide radical insights to organizations,” says Birkstedt. In short, the company helps its customers combine statistics and predictive modeling to increase prudence in the emerging markets. On the security standpoint, BIGDATAPUMP has employed proven practices and security standards in order to make their cloud platforms reliable and efficient. “When needed, we give double encryption capabilities for the data management,” adds Birkstedt. Such security level empowers BIGDATAPUMP to cater customers that come from different time zones, where different regulatory laws are enacted for data management.

Our visualized, real-time business intelligence solutions enable organizations to drill into and analyze data and generate quantifiable insights

BIGDATAPUMP has run global business from the very beginning, the company has leading clients in Europe, Asia, U.S., Africa, and in Middle East. These customers count on company’s solutions to gather relevant insights, organize it, and asses it in the visual format. The analytic solutions of the BIGDATAPUMP are made to work seamlessly in both leading cloud analytics providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure offering the desired scalability and ease of use. In one instance, dubizzle, a media company, approached BIGDATAPUMP to establish modern, secure, and scalable analytics architecture in their campus. dubizzle intend to implement a cloud-based analytics platform that can integrate all critical data sources and provide a real-time access to data for analytics. AWS was selected as a platform by BIGDATAPUMP for the analytics environment and Tableau for data visualization. After project went live, dubizzle was ready to set their yearly business targets against the new corporate KPIs. BIGDATAPUMP also enabled dubizzle to enhance their data discovery capability for analyzing trends and patterns on micro level.

BIGDATAPUMP has been fortunate to work with many companies of all sizes-small and innovative thought leaders and reputed tech titans. “We are working closely with Amazon and Microsoft which is helping us to foster our growth,” says Birkstedt. Working with such leaders and companies from different parts of the world is what drives the company to stay ahead of the learning curve and enhance its differentiating quotient. Forging ahead, BIGDATAPUMP intends to keep increasing its prowess in the big data space, especially in the continent of Europe, where the company is working with various thought leaders and companies.


Turku, Finland

Teemu Birkstedt, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

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