Citra Health Solutions: Bringing Data to Life

Howard G Buff, Founder and CEO
The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly due to shifting demographics, evolving technologies, rising costs, and policy changes such as the Affordable Care Act. In light of these changes, physicians and clinical researchers are challenged to acquire the necessary tools to provide high-quality, affordable, and equitable care to all. As such, Big Data is capturing the minds of everyone in the healthcare field and they are working toward harnessing it to create more complete patient profiles for better population health, reducing costs, improving diagnoses, providing therapy, and so much more. However, while Big Data has the potential to drive significant healthcare performance improvement, challenges still persist. “The challenge lies not just in storage and access, but in making the data usable—analyzing it, predicting the insights, and informing improvements or advancements in the level of care,” states Howard G. Buff, Founder and CEO at Citra Health Solutions. With a conviction to alleviate the challenges in the healthcare arena, this Jacksonville, FL-based company empowers customers with proven technology, analytics, and care management services to strategically expand market opportunity, diversify revenue streams and reduce the cost of care.

Citra delivers unique and comprehensive, technology-powered, people-driven solutions using an Ecosystem approach with solutions that aggregate clinical, financial, and patient data from multiple sources to create a holistic perspective of a provider’s panel and individual patient touch points within the healthcare system. EZ-CAP, a claims and benefits engine is capable of streaming all information and processes into one comprehensive and effective system. “It helps organizations maximize electronic data interchange while minimizing implementation time,” says Buff. EZ-INSIGHT is the firm’s robust analytics software through which information can be exported and integrated into virtually every care management system. The software delivers comprehensive cost and quality analysis, risk assessments, cost estimates, easy-to-use dashboards, real-time actionable data, and patient engagement alerts for improving outcomes via data-driven decisions.
Alternatively, EZ-CARE is an easy-to-use medical management system that allows customers to effectively manage population health, increase quality of care, reduce cost, and improve experience with an individualized platform. By leveraging fully automated and customized care plans, customers have the ability to integrate patient assessments and surveys seamlessly.

Serving over 22 million members across a national service and technology foundation, Citra has improved numerous organizations' core competencies while diminishing spending and improving clinical and financial outcomes. For instance, a large Independent Practice Association (IPA) was providing care to millions of patients while also processing various episodic claims and contractually variable transactions. They needed to have a baseline system to integrate their care management system with their analytics platform, which was already integrated with their benefits claim administration platform. They were facing difficulty in integrating the platforms and they were incurring inflated costs utilizing multiple people, processes and systems. Citra was able to bring in a single integrated solution, and Citra’s ecosystem approach simplified or eliminated the client’s workarounds, automated their workflows, and provided meaningful data analysis and support. In the end, the client was able to become more competitive in the marketplace, and they significantly reduced costs—including care, infrastructure, and administrative costs—by having access to data at the right time.

“We are focused on advancing the new era of healthcare systems socially, economically and with great dedication,” affirms Buff. “Our ecosystem approach of configurable solutions is focused on appropriate care that adjusts for the consumers’ needs.” Citra will continue as an emerging thought leader in healthcare transformation by empowering its clients with innovative experiences and solutions. In addition, the firm will work toward creating more strategic partnerships and also develop smart acquisition strategies to further strengthen the Big Data healthcare landscape. With continued growth on the horizon, the company plans to expand to additional locations to better serve its rapidly expanding national client base.

Citra Health Solutions

Jacksonville, FL

Howard G Buff, Founder and CEO

Innovative technology and services healthcare enablement firm

Citra Health Solutions