Datonix SpA: Fostering Intelligent Decision-Making through Data Unification

Gianluigi Riccio, CEO
Today the entire Big Data ecosystem is confronting a challenge where it must urgently mature and give tangible results in order to meet the global demand of ‘sustainable digital innovation’. The inclination is focused on monetizing humongous data rather than working on the large data sets. This demographic change has led many organizations to shift their focus from ‘cold technology’—Big Data products focused on infrastructure to ‘hot technology’—Big Data applications and services under self-service mode. “We provide Self Service Data Preparation Platform which facilitates ease of use of massive data through data unification by fostering self service data preparation capabilities,” begins Gianluigi Riccio, CEO, datonix SpA.

The Napoli, Italy based datonix SpA’s key solution datonixOne is a Self Service Data Preparation Platform for storage, consolidation, management and publishing of big data. Based on an advanced technology-fractal data scan, datonix introduces a unique feature called Fractal conversion. This converts any source of big data set into a fractal image, called the QueryObject data set. It is a SMART Data Store extremely compressed and ready to be queried. “Our collaborative data preparation platform uses ‘Federated Query’ mechanism which creates virtual union over the network to arrange data in a streamlined manner,” states Riccio.

Datonix’s collaborative data preparation platform facilitates Data Exploration Architects to prepare huge data sets by using Excel—exceeding the one million records limit to read QueryObject data, and to implement professional info-graphics. The datonixOne framework involves data scanner and publisher, which promote heightened self-service data preparation using grid computing. It combines QueryObject data sets by scanning and designing the data in two steps— SCAN and QueryBuild which build data structures named Ready File and data complex respectively. The output of the data processing is stored in datonix— Arithmetic Storage Groups comprising of fractal data complex structures. This algorithmic approach saves considerable time for data scientists and provides automatic access to specific information that is required for the analysis.

Our collaborative data preparation platform uses ‘Federated Query’ mechanism to arrange data in a streamlined manner

“We enable our clients to store the output of their data preparation processes in Smart Data Store unlike the competitors who store in DBMS (Data Base Management System) or HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System),” says Riccio. The company provides mass storage capacity and easier data integration at minimal costs. It also facilitates the clients to get a 360 degree customer view by combining QueryObject data sets to create Database Joins of disparate data. “Our Data Scientist users are happy, since they can be more creative and focused on the scope of their analysis without losing time in complicated data preparation practices,” states Riccio.

Datonix’s big data solutions assist the customers across varied business segments such as supply chain, finance, and CRM in managing data efficiently as well as reducing data integration costs. For instance, a Telco services company was in need of an absolute database which provides accurate customer view about its services to enhance its CRM. On deploying datonixOne, the client was able to get the consolidated view of the customers obtained from surveys and campaigns conducted in Facebook and Twitter. As a result, the firm was able to clearly understand the customer dynamics, bring down the cost of re-engagements and retain the customers.

Datonix is currently focusing on improving the Data Store and developing data visualization technology for enhanced data analytics. “We will complement our data visualization with text to speech dashboards, making datonix more interactive for the users. In other words we hope datonix will soon talk to its users about their data,” concludes Riccio.

Datonix SpA

Napoli, Italy

Gianluigi Riccio, CEO

Introduces the fractal data scan engine for high performance Self Service data preparation on large data set

Datonix SpA