Dilisim: Bringing Next-Gen Big Data Technology

Ozgur Yilmazel, Co-Founder and General Manager
In late 2000’s, Ozgur Yilmazel, the associate professor at Anadolu University was part of a team that kicked off ‘Mahout Project’, an Apache top level project, to apply machine learning on big data. During the project the professor implemented supplementary utilities for search engines using big data like recommendation engine, information tagging, and extraction and consulted various e-commerce and information technology companies. However, with the passing years, Yilmazel recognized a gap, a growing need in the market for a reliable, and a trusted support for big data applications. This dire need ultimately spurred the conception of Dilisim. The Big Data specialist initially began with the aim to combine natural language processing with commercial search engine computation. To fill the void in the existing marketplace, the management at Dilisim collaborated with Cloudera due to its ability to ensure big data cluster’s core components’ compatibility with open source Apache versions. Thus, the journey of Dilisim as a System Integrator for Cloudera let them become a Cloudera Training Delivery partner. “We have been growing and implementing many projects in telecom, finance, and public sector as the Silver-level System Integrator for Cloudera,” extols Yilmazel, Co-Founder, and General Manager of Dilisim.

Having a holistic view of current big data domain, Yilmazel recognized the challenge in optimizing today’s data deluge with traditional relational databases. He also recognized the opportunity of utilizing Hadoop on Cloudera platform to thwart the dispute. This is the reason; Dilisim works as a trusted advisor to help its clients make informed decisions— from selecting suitable big data cluster, hardware, ensuring proper installation, and full set of trainings on utilizing the cluster. This way, “We offer consulting and training services to help companies transform their information infrastructure and implement big data technologies to capture, store, manage and analyze structured and unstructured data,” continues Yilmazel. Additionally, Dilisim helps companies move their data from a legacy system to the big data cluster by integrating data capture tools. As a next step of integration, the company monitors synchronization of data from the relational database to a big data cluster. Besides, Dilisim assists clients to mitigate their challenge of supporting live cluster by providing administrator trainings and round-the-clock operational support.

Dilisim’s service menu does not limit to supporting Cloudera platform for better management of big data.

We have been growing and implementing many projects in telecom, finance and public sector as the Silver-level System Integrator for Cloudera

It extends to providing developer training for Spark, HBase, MapReduce, and Hadoop, Cloudera administrator training, data analyst training, designing and developing big data application.

Furthermore, the company performs text mining, natural language processing and social media analysis for Turkish and English using Apache Solr, Spark and Dilisim’s Turkish Analyzer (Language processing tool for Turkish). “We not only track number of posts, comments, retweets but we also analyze the topical contents of these posts and show topical trends in Social Media or in the news,” says Yilmazel.

Dilisim works with various universities, educational institutions, finance companies, public institutions that deal with humongous quantity of data every day. In an implementation highlight, Dilisim worked with an e-commerce company, that runs log analysis and query recommendation on customer’s database to increase the pace of purchasing process. By assessing the massive amount of data, Dilisim helped the e-commerce company to efficiently store data in Hadoop cluster and enhance their data efficiency in a timely manner.

Apart from Cloudera, Dilisim has further partnered with Datameer, Lucidworks, EVAM, Oracle and SAS. The company also has built a Hadoop Cluster lab comprising of 100 TB storage and seven nodes in co-operation with Intel. “The lab environment is used for our research projects mainly data analytics, performance benchmarks,” says Yilmazel. In the coming years, Dilisim will continue to develop their solutions to assist the IT industry grow as the CEO Yilmazel foresees big data playing a significant role in bringing Industry 4.0 forward.


Istanbul, Turkey

Ozgur Yilmazel, Co-Founder and General Manager

Implements big data technologies and partners with leading big data application providers to enable companies to monetize their data