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Fernando Wosniak Steler, Founder and CEO
Today, businesses with numerous siloed divisions across various verticals, utilize scores of channels to communicate with their customers, making coordination across lines of business tricky, costly, and time-consuming. While majority of the CIOs struggle to get the right technology alignment with the business areas, the new age CIOs are shifting their focus from traditional hardware and software services to communicate with their target audience. “They are adopting solutions that help them to make contact in real time, with cloud computing and SaaS proving to be the only secure choice, CIOs have in place to innovate fast and address business demands,” says Fernando Wosniak Steler, Founder & CEO of Direct. One. “Direct.One is a SaaS application for Enterprise Customer Communications and our comprehensive solution delivers Big Data Analytics as a Service for everything related to the enterprise multichannel communications.”

According to Steler, Enterprise Customer Communications Management (CCM) has to be integrated with Marketing Automation Software (MAS) and Big Data Analytics to gain a complete future proof enterprise customer communication strategy. “Direct.One integrates CCM, MAS and Big Data Analytics into one easy-to-use cloud-based SaaS platform generating customer communications, while controlling the delivery of personalized messages integrating various new age communication mediums.” The company’s SaaS platform— one is a web platform that amalgamates and customizes leading digital media such as e-mail, SMS, Voice Message (IVR), Facebook Messenger, Push Message, Landing Pages, and printed media such as Direct Mail, Transactional Documents and Transpromo, Welcome Kits, monitoring and online management to performance indicators analysis. Steler adds, “The platform assists organizations to create and manage personalized customer communications and run data analysis that facilitates customer retention and relationship growth.”

The platform’s different modules provide a single, 360° view of each customer and generate relationship indexes like RFM, churn prediction, conversion rate, cross-selling and upselling and revenue lost. The company’s Generate module offers CCM that leverages big data technology to easily format and process digital and print communications.

The platform assists organizations to create and manage personalized customer communications and run data analysis that facilitates customer retention and relationship growth

This module allows customers to process and handle unstructured data in order to create digital, audio and print communications that are relevant and personalized to each one of their clients. Meanwhile, the Send feature of the platform gives customers the ability to automate transactions and marketing communications via multiple channels, using marketing analytics tactics such as Next Best Offer, RFM, Churn Prediction and Customer Lifecycle Relationship. Through the Control tool of the platform, Direct.One’s clients can see which of their customers have opened the communications that were sent via E-mail, SMS, landing pages access and downloads, printing shop production and mail postage.

One of the company’s renowned clients, SulAmérica Health—a Brazilian insurance firm wanted to streamline their transpromo document management system using creative resources, technology and marketing to optimize the relationship with each customer. The company offered a new form of visual application and content using the Transpromo Manager from app. solution, altering multiple black and white printed documents into a unique and personalized color document relevant to each customer, which can also be sent electronically. Today, seven of the 10 top insurance companies in Brazil runs Direct. One solution.

Forging ahead, Direct.One started using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to enhance their services and are continually investing in R&D to have a strong foothold in these new age technologies. “These techniques will help us open up new channels of communication, and we will integrate better with the robots to enhance multi channel communication for the customers of the future,” concludes Steler.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fernando Wosniak Steler, Founder and CEO

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