Edgewater Ranzal: Creating a Data Marketplace for End Users

Ed Sullivan, Practice Director of Business Intelligence & Big Data
Big Data technologies have been in the market for quite some time now, yet many organizations are still striving to gain effective insights from the deluge of data bombarding them. The large volume and variety of data has made it difficult for traditional software vendors to design solutions that leverage its underlying utility in a user-friendly fashion. Bringing new possibilities to the Big Data analytics landscape, Edgewater Ranzal builds solutions that allow users to explore datasets in an easy-to-use and consumer friendly manner. The White Plains, NY based company empowers end-users to dive into data for root cause analysis and discover correlations not possible with traditional approaches. “We want to create a data marketplace for organizations by making information available to business and non-technical users. This allows these users to apply a knowledge of the business to use data to solve problems,” asserts Ed Sullivan, Practice Director, Business Intelligence and Big Data, Edgewater Ranzal.

The firm offers cloud-based solutions that allow enterprise data to be assimilated —both internally and externally. Furthermore, it focuses on elastic computing which liberates organizations from making huge investments on hardware and infrastructure. “The cloud gives us the opportunity to align only the needed amount of resources to the solution, providing flexibility at a lower price point,” explains Dan Brock, Director of Big Data, Edgewater Ranzal. Additionally, the company empowers organizations to maximize the value of their Big Data investments and gain insights from disparate data sources.

Ranzal boasts several service offerings that are focused on helping organizations standup Big Data solutions quickly so that their customers can begin deriving insights from previously disparate sources. Beyond their technical service offerings, Ranzal has proven solutions for the digital supply chain, that bring together structured and unstructured sources in order to analyze issues from customers, suppliers and manufacturers. The supply chain solutions create a data marketplace that exposes and correlates disparate data for ad hoc analysis.

We want to create a data marketplace for data consumers by making information available and also allowing users to apply that knowledge to their business

With access to the right data, a single solution enables procurement specialists to identify supplier quality issues while, at the same time, enables engineers to proactively predict part failures.

As an example, Ranzal recently helped one of its clients, a supplier of automotive parts, with their warranty and quality analysis. The client supplied automotive parts to a number of automakers but was unable to quickly and efficiently respond to their customers’ needs because of the size and variability of the data. Ranzal’s Big Data solution enabled them to gain insight into the data and quickly identify issues, helping them save millions of dollars. “We helped the client to solve problems and respond to customers quickly by providing them visibility into data that otherwise would have been difficult to manage,” extols Sullivan.

The company’s vision to establish data marketplaces for their customers rethinks the application of Big Data within the enterprise. Adding to this, Ranzal’s parent company, Edgewater, offers deep domain and subject matter expertise with a business perspective that ensures success.

Edgewater Ranzal works toward the idea of providing underlying utility in the Big Data space by incorporating technologies that are currently gaining traction. “We are building solutions that bring all of the big data and analytics capabilities within the emerging technical domain with a single interface,” delineates Brock. “Instead of recreating the big data utilities, we want to leverage what is already there,” he concludes.

Edgewater Ranzal

White Plains, NY

Ed Sullivan, Practice Director of Business Intelligence & Big Data and Dan Brock, Director of Big Data

Provides leading-practice methodologies to bring underlying utility of big data and take advantage of evolving system capabilities

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