ePLDT: Enriching Data-Driven Decision-Making

Ernesto R. Alberto, President and CEO
The data available to and generated by companies has reached unprecedented levels in terms of volume, velocity and variation. Presently, in order to be data-driven, firms have to work with raw data from both external and internal sources, have a proper infrastructure to store data and analyze them, and arguably most important, possess the appropriate data science expertise to generate insights that lead to the best strategic as well as tactical actions.

This is where ePLDT enables the enterprise market with its managed analytics platform service that includes data science consulting, big data strategy development, systems implementation, and infrastructure management on a cloud or on-premise model. “Our service is designed to address the demands of large data-driven enterprises for faster and easier big data roadmap development and infrastructure management from collection to streaming, storage, organization, analytics and visualization,” remarks Ernesto R. Alberto, ePLDT President and CEO.

Through ePLDT Big Data, clients can begin their journey toward being data-driven through data models such as Foundational Analytics and Single Customer View. Foundational Analytics consolidates information from the client’s various information systems into a single repository, providing visualization on actionable insights about the client’s business, product, brand and sales performance. Single Customer View, meanwhile, provides holistic visualization on relevant actionable insights about the client’s customers from multiple interaction channels.

For both data models above, Digital Transformation experts from ePLDT work with companies to capture their business problems and analyze their diverse data sets from internal and external sources for insights discovery work, ensuring alignment with business requirements. The company then follows workflows, and relevant data and sources are determined in collaboration with clients. Ingestion tools are used to load data from the identified sources into the platform’s data lake for further processing. ePLDT’s data scientists derive actionable insight to support the data-driven use cases and these are visualized to provide business context.

The engine powering this is ePLDT’s own Big Data platform, called the Analytics Computing Engine or ACE.

With our full-spectrum of services, from platform to consulting and insights, we’ll ensure that our clients are guided throughout their big data journey

ACE is an Open Data Platform (ODP)-compliant platform that is architected, developed and built using Hadoop technologies that enable a single appliance to carry all big data functionalities. “ACE Explorer is a lightweight configuration ideal for big data pilot projects, essential for right-sizing big data platform configuration without requiring expensive commitments thereby minimizing risks,” says Alberto.

When it comes to deployment of big data solutions, ePLDT recommends to have it hosted in its very own VITRO Data Centers which provide the maximum uptime and global-class security. “With our full-spectrum of services, from platform to consulting and insights, we’ll ensure that our clients are guided throughout their big data journey and not only meet their big data objectives,” remarks Alberto.

In one instance, a tollway operator wanted to eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming manual household surveys for enhanced Traffic Modeling. ePLDT provided a location insights tool using anonymized Telco data to automatically collect and analyze data of travelers passing through their highways. The project enabled the tollway operator to decrease the time it took to create and simulate solutions for traffic, increase traffic model accuracy, and enhance the overall customer experience.

“ePLDT’s mission is to be pacesetters enabling customer’s success through our dynamic digital infrastructure,” extols Alberto. In fulfilling this mission, the company has sustained its investments in digital infrastructure and expertise by launching two more data centers in Philippines, bringing the group’s total to 8 data centers with 8,300 full-rack capacity by end-2016.


Makati City, Philippines

Ernesto R. Alberto, President and CEO

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