Esgyn Corporation: Enabling Real-Time Workloads with an Operational SQL Engine on Hadoop

Rob Schauble, Co-Founder and CEO
Big Data and the Hadoop ecosystem have caused major waves across the enterprise IT landscape. Big Data is growing faster and in greater volumes than ever before and businesses are leveraging more diverse types of data. Decision makers struggle to integrate Big Data and gain business insight as Big Data applications move into the mainstream. They look to leverage the skills and knowledge of their existing IT organizations and search for familiar tools like SQL to enable their journey. “But it takes time and talent to build a massively parallel Big Data SQL engine with a sophisticated optimizer, a parallel data flow execution engine, and full ACID Distributed Transaction Management,” begins Rob Schauble, CEO and Co-founder, Esgyn Corporation. Milpitas, CA based Esgyn Corporation focuses on providing a scalable, enterprise-class, and operational Big Data SQL database engine on Hadoop to enable real-time operational workloads.

Esgyn spun out from HP in June of 2015 and has quite a storied legacy. Trafodion is a SQL engine that runs on top of Hadoop, providing support for transactional and operational workloads in a Big Data environment. While working at HP, the team developed Trafodion, released it as open source software, and donated it to the Apache Software Foundation. “Esgyn is the brain trust that built the Apache Trafodion software over the past 20 plus years to leverage Big Data,” says Schauble.

“EsgynDB is our productized version of Apache Trafodion,” asserts Schauble. EsgynDB is an operational SQL on Hadoop that facilitates the convergence of transactional and operational reporting tasks, alongside business intelligence and analytics workloads, onto a single scalable Big Data platform. The annual support subscriptions for EsgynDB are priced at the economics of open source, and not legacy proprietary databases. “We take a snapshot of the daily builds, put it through an extensive battery of testing, QA and hardening, and provide EsgynDB Enterprise Edition with 24x7 enterprise support with an annual subscription,” describes Schauble.

Esgyn is the brain trust that built the Apache Trafodion software over the past 20 plus years to leverage Big Data

For instance, an online music company adds 2TB of data on a daily basis to their EsgynDB solution. The solution recommends songs in real-time, based on a listener’s past music selections and similarity to other users. With their previous solution, the music company was limited to making recommendations based on the last three weeks of data. With EsgynDB, they are now able to increase that capacity to six months of data. EsgynDB enables them to analyze the user behavior through parallel, historical, and real-time data inflows, more accurately grasp user preferences, and deliver personalized content updates immediately in real-time–all to delight their listeners.

Additionally, Esgyn’s differentiator is its “active/active” capability that delivers simultaneous replication of data across multiple data centers for disaster recovery with zero lost transactions. This means both data centers are actively processing queries and transactions and ensuring that if one data center goes down, the other data center is able to continue processing, with the most up-to-date data, and no downtime to the application.

Esgyn’s SQL engine has been proven in running transactional and reporting tasks in some of the largest and most demanding retail, financial, and telecommunication environments in the world. Currently, the company’s primary Go-To-Market activities for their SQL engine are targeted in the US and China. “We are seeing a lot of interest in other countries, such as the UK and France, as well as countries where open source is being encouraged by the government, such as India, and we anticipate further expansion this year,” concludes Schauble.

Esgyn Corporation

Milpitas, CA

Rob Schauble, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides a Big Data database on Apache Hadoop to enable enterprises to run operational applications concurrent with real-time analytics

Esgyn Corporation