EzDataMunch: Unlocking Data Insights

Anupama Desai, CEO
While a vast amount of data continues to flow in from different social media platforms, websites, mobile applications, and customer feedback portals, modern organizations are suffering from “infobesity”. To harness the datasets and derive value out of it, enterprises are on a constant lookout for effective data visualization tools. Being the driving force in the big data landscape, data visualization has been providing decision makers the ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and identify new patterns. Utilizing some of the popular big data technologies, such as Qlik Analytics platform, Microsoft Power BI, Hadoop, Spark and R, EzDataMunch provides easily deployable applications for business users to visualize and analyze both structured and unstructured data. “Users can download applications to fulfill their business requirements without having to build them from the scratch which cuts down their investments significantly,” notes Anupama Desai, CEO, EzDataMunch.

Based in Olathe, KS, EzDataMunch has culminated the best technology platforms and bundled them into a single solution offered via cloud or On-premise. The company offers visualization, self-services and data discovery capabilities by integrating predictive analysis, strategic analysis, and BI. The services act as the one-stop shop for customers’ business needs. The company helps organizations to effectively integrate data from various channels and delivers a comprehensive “360-degree data view”. They also predict various outcomes that matter to business users using popular “R” engine. “Our offerings are highly instrumental in helping customers belonging to different verticals such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, transportation, logistics, media and manufacturing to foresee outliers and performers,” extols Desai.

The company with the help of its applications allow customers to collect data from various touchpoints including ERPs, IVRs, CRMs, Social Media, HR, Operations, Sensors, emails, chat and virtually any data source to do a holistic data analysis.
Milan Desai, Co-Founder
EzDataMunch also provides pre-built BI applications to analyze data for spend optimization, inflation and deflation trends, financial forecasting, fraud, Store analysis, Customer churn and logistics optimization. “We offer approximately 150 industry-specific, function-specific applications to our customers,” says Desai.

EzDataMunch recently helped one of the largest transportation and Trucking organization in the U.S. to analyze few hundred millions of records. The client was in need of a solution that would help them organize data and provide a way for their business users to utilize data for day-to-day decision making. Through its application expertise in big data space, EzDataMunch built multiple applications on top of their data and business models. The client’s various departments could use these applications to analyze data from different perspectives. They could easily calculate the resale value of the trucks and predict if the leasing contracts are profitable or not. Additionally, the firm derived inventory data from more than 12 million Stock Keeping Units to calculate fast and slow moving stock-out situations. EzDataMunch also helped them to set up a Reporting center of excellence to save millions of records. Overall, the customer was able deploy and run applications in less than 16 weeks.

“Apart from pre-built industry-specific solutions, we help our customers to set up BI center of excellence,” says Milan Desai, Co-founder, EzDataMunch. “We also enable them to access their data sources by building Data Lakes alongside designing robust big data architecture.” “We aim at delivering sophisticated BI and Big Data applications which are easy to use and can be deployed in a matter of days/weeks,” concludes Desai.


Olathe, KS

Anupama Desai, CEO and Milan Desai, Co-Founder

EzDataMunch is a cloud based platform of pre-built BI Apps / Playbooks / Dashboards to help business managers analyze large data quickly and comprehensively on a pay per use or fixed cost model basis