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Audelia Boker, VP Marketing
Today’s enterprises invest resources into building their digital channels—websites, digital platforms, and mobile applications. However, the resultant unprocessed volumes of big data and unbaked information often can be difficult to digest, leaving the organizations locked out without timely and relevant insights. The poor filtration of data along with the lack of visibility on customers’ digital behavior makes it further complicated for the organizations to understand the reason behind abandoned transactions and purchases. “When a firm tries to fathom the digital behavior of online customers, they have a rough idea of ‘what’ is going on, but miss upon ‘why’ it is happening,” explains Audelia Boker, VP Marketing, Glassbox Digital. With an aim to deliver visual access to the clients’ online journey, Glassbox Digital—a New York based firm—offers an intuitive solution that captures, records, analyzes, and replays all the digital sessions involving customers. “We drive digital transparency, actionable insights, and new revenues for the clients by swiftly identifying online customer support issues and its reasons,” says the CEO. “Our solution acts as harbinger in recording the ‘Digital Truth’.”

The company’s digital behavioral analytics platform—Glassbox transforms the recorded information into priceless insight for some of the largest organizations across the world. From mouse movements, mobile swipes or drags, to typed-in info and clicks, the tool collects data from both server and client side to reconstruct exact sessions. This significantly helps the firms to gain cues and understand the customers’ online journey. “We pay a lot of attention to make sure our solution is tailored, deployed, properly used and provides best value for our clients,” evinces Audelia.

The Glassbox solution also encompasses other superior abilities including identification of digital risks, compliance, and customer-support optimization areas to handle customer complaints with ease. “We are proficient at minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for enterprises because we can implement in a matter of weeks (either in the Cloud or on-site), we’re easy to use (free-text queries) and we have a very low-data footprint (with a patented 95 percent compression technology),” states Audelia.

Our solution acts as harbinger in recording the ‘Digital Truth’

As a testimony of such expertise, Audelia brings in an interesting case-study where Bank Leumi, a prominent Israeli Bank capitalized on the services of Glassbox to optimize their customer support and improve the client conversation rates. The bank faced impediments with numerous complaint calls coming into the customer support department that steadily became tiresome for customer service advisors. Glassbox digital customer support optimization empowered the service advisors by showing them exactly what the customers experienced online with a single click. “At the end, our client significantly reduced the Average Handling Time (AHT) from five minutes to one and a half minute,” extols Audelia. In another instance, a major U.K. bank relied on Glassbox to identify technical issues that impeded their clients from creating online bank accounts. Glassbox reconstructed the complete digital scenario for the bank to determine coding loopholes and take corrective actions. Also, for AXA, Glassbox significantly reduced the actuary risk exposure by adding the behavior of customers when they applied for insurance online, to other parameters already being used to calculate actuary risk.

Driven by scores of similar success stories, the company is looking forward to expand geographically and widen the reach of its business. In the days to come, Glassbox will bolster its hold over real-time actionable insights, customer performance management, and predictive digital behaviors. “We would like to predict the customer actions in real-time because that’s where the future lies,” she concludes.

Glassbox Digital

New York City, NY

Audelia Boker, VP Marketing

Captures, records, analyzes, and replays all the digital sessions involving customers to identify performance issues and improve online journey

Glassbox Digital