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Yogesh Nerurkar, Founder and Managing Director
In this epoch of data deluge, term ‘‘big data’’ is emerging in many contexts, from environmental research, genomics, complex physics simulations, finance and business to healthcare. Gone are the days when organizations and executives were struggling to understand the opportunity and business impact of big data. “Though, many executives loathed the term; they are now the apostles of the belief that data-driven analysis could transform business decision-making,” begins Yogesh Nerurkar, Director, Infonyx. With big data rising as a corporate standard, the focus of organizations is rapidly shifting from hype to finding value. Nevertheless, investing in big data and integrating it into the enterprises’ existing data analytics landscape is a major concern for the business community. Delivering robust data analytics and custom solutions across multiple industries, Infonyx helps organizations extract value out of big data investments and realize a well integrated business and IT data analytics landscape.

Understanding data as a customer’s asset, Infonyx constantly focuses on helping organizations in build a big data platform that collects different data sets and transform these data into insights. “Data gets generated in a lot of different ways but the value realization is across how this data can be brought together to get a 360 degree view about a particular use case or area,” says Nerurkar. “Our ongoing strategy is to invest time and funds into looking at all the data formats and then look at it from an integration point of view turning it into an end-to-end tailored offering to a client.” Infonyx helps organizations in understanding the data, using it at all levels, building high value data repositories and deliver solutions to visualize data— structured or unstructured. “Big data brings a whole new level of complexity from a visualization point of view and Infonyx has innovative solutions to rapidly mature and derive value out of your data using visualisations.” Apart from visualizing data the company also comprises of packaged offerings and cloud analytics platforms to provide ready to use end-to-end data and analytics solutions and help customers in growing their business.

Infonyx's agile delivery model is robust and reliable, tailored to deliver solutions which meet customer business needs

Infonyx has deep experience in managing and delivering large and complex big data projects. Infonyx is agile as it follows lean methodologies and industry standards to deliver and support data solutions. “Infonyx’s agile delivery model is robust and reliable, tailored to deliver solutions which meet customer’s business needs,” delineates Nerurkar. Under its managed services portfolio, the company handles all the digital needs of an organization with ‘Digital as a Service Model’ with a simple PAYG (Pay as You Go) payment options. In addition, the company’s consulting services tackle a targeted business or technology problem leveraging flexible service models. “We could assess a dashboard design, define a high level roadmap, conduct an architecture assessment, for instance or deliver a large digital program,” says Nerurkar.

Infonyx has created project-based solutions for many government and private sector clients across multiple industries. In one instance, a healthcare client was not able to access and present data in a simple manner due to high data volumes. Infonyx came to their rescue with its healthcare integrated architecture and helped them implement a visual analytics solution to understand the data and use it more effectively in patient service, operational efficiency, KPI, management, and executive reporting.

“Infonyx is a simple but very creative, innovative company that is focused truly on delivering value,” remarks Nerurkar. Infonyx is enabling customers extract value out of data to make smarter decisions for their business. “We have a goal of creating ongoing solutions and staying relevant to the changing big data landscape and constantly enhancing our big data expertise,” concludes Nerurkar.

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Victoria, Australia

Yogesh Nerurkar, Founder and Managing Director

Delivers Robust Digital & Data Analytics Solutions from Visualisation to Advanced Analytics with pre built platforms on the cloud or on premise leveraging unique lean delivery models

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