Levelwing: The Marketing Analytics Pioneer

Steve Parker, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder
Imagine a world where marketing can be creative, media strategy actually puts the customer first, and analytics is actionable—that is the world Levelwing has created. The Charleston, SC based digital marketing firm offers marketing analytics and media services to help enterprises approach the market with greater transparency. “We help brands use their data and marketing assets to identify their customers by highlighting the user trends we see driving revenue. We then profile those customers to aid in the creation of marketing collateral and media strategy,” begins Steve Parker, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder, Levelwing.

Founded in 2002, Levelwing was started with the sole purpose to mine and analyze marketing channel data in a better way. The company has always been ahead of the curve by breaking the stereotypes of measuring impressions and clicks, and instead using data analytics to determine how best to capitalize on existing demand. “The biggest challenge organizations face is the lack of a clear data strategy and technological infrastructure in place to support that strategy. Every organization possesses a wealth of information, but is unsure of how to leverage it to power decision-making,” states K.B. Reidenbach, SVP and Managing Partner, Levelwing. The company counters this challenge by offering solutions that leverages data to help clients optimize decision-making, ultimately maximizing their marketing budgets.

The company’s media and analytics services combine the best of left and right brain thinking. Levelwing helps clients define what is valuable, how to extract the needed information, and use that data to the business’ advantage. “We help our clients answer both logical and thoughtful questions that the senior executives ask regarding performance and results,” states Parker—the right-brained guy of Levelwing, known for bringing brands to life through exciting and buzz-worthy digital strategies in nine consecutive Super Bowls.

We help brands use their data and marketing assets to identify their customers by highlighting the user trends we see driving revenue

“We define analytics as controlling the data and bringing standardization in terms of how clients track media, tag media assets, and capture data from multiple sources— creating a blueprint of the data,” says Reidenbach. Levelwing helps clients create real and actionable insights from the data sources that exhibit integrity and accurate information, ultimately empowering them to make the correct decisions. “We provide a true definition of analytics that describes everything, from infrastructure and architecture all the way to reporting and insight delivery,” he adds.

For instance, Levelwing helped Bridgestone increase tire sales through innovative data solutions that link online analytics data to offline point-of-sale systems—even leveraging real-time weather data to increase the ROI of the digital media campaigns. Bridgestone experienced a 40 percent increase in its retail website conversions after deep analysis of customer engagement.

“We have spent a significant amount of time and capital on building software that allows us to easily plug into any third party data source and control that data,” says Parker. 14 years in business, Levelwing continues to pursue innovation. The company believes in using data to maximize digital media initiatives and power decision-making. This continual strive to find better ways of connecting intelligence helps clients achieve desired business outcomes. “We’re still the cool nerds, continuing to build strong partnerships with clients by delivering solution both from data and media delivery perspectives, and we also communicate better than any of our peers,” concludes Parker.


Mount Pleasant, SC

Steve Parker, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder

A leading digital marketing firm, offering analytics and media services to help businesses control marketing data while producing clarity and profitability