MCIS, Inc.: Enhancing Healthcare with Big Data

Derek Anderson, VP of Sales and Marketing
Presently, healthcare has become complicated with changing government regulations, new payment models, and advancements in Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology. In such a scenario, big data is instrumental in enabling healthcare providers to gain critical insights and use them to manage diseases, improve the quality of life, and avoid preventable deaths. Many companies are offering healthcare providers the capabilities of reporting, analytics, and Population Health Management (PHM) in this evolving landscape. This is where MCIS, Inc., a healthcare service provider for over 50 years, steps in. The company is making patients’ data available, accessible, and transferable with the help of their EHR and patient portal platform. “One of our key differentiators is that we provide PHM and analytics as a core component to our platform,” says Derek Anderson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Business Development, MCIS.

MCIS aims to provide better insight into patient data, enabling organizations to use it as a business tool to drive best practices and focus on value-based care. The company’s platform offers healthcare providers with information about patients with multiple chronic conditions or whose health conditions are at high risk and require more critical attention. “The product has two sides—one is to help healthcare providers and care teams comply with the ever-changing demands, and the other is to improve patient healthcare,” says Anderson. The firm's EHR positions users to be successful in the changing market conditions. “As a part of the tool, we enable users with relevant patient data, analytics and reporting. We also support Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH),” explains Anderson.

One of our key differentiators is that we provide PHM and analytics as a core component to our platform

The solution helps healthcare providers track useful records, set goals, and govern them. The recorded content is instrumental in driving workflows and providing a coherent user experience across the care team.

MCIS’ patient portal is user-friendly, making it convenient for patients to view their health information and connect with their care team anytime, anywhere. The patient portal establishes a better link between patients and their care team. “We have a 65 percent engagement rate among registered users. Additionally, patients with 1 to 3 chronic conditions are 75 percent actively engaged on our patient portal,” states Anderson. MCIS’ patient portal brings relevant data not only to healthcare providers, but also to patients. It enables patients to access records, update health information, schedule appointments and check-in online.

MCIS will continue to enhance its solution and emphasize on reducing healthcare costs by inserting the most relevant information into the workflow of care teams. “We deliver our platform to both small and large organizations and help users adapt to the changing business scenario by being proactive and better informed,” concludes Anderson.


Marshfield, WI

Derek Anderson, VP of Sales and Marketing

Delivers electronic health record platform with Population Health Management, real-time analytics and patient portal