Mikan Associates: Making an Impact with Analytics in the Digital Transformation Age

Anne Maghas, Chief Strategy Officer
There’s no doubt about it. The digital transformation is happening. It’s creating new opportunities and types of innovation, rather than simply supporting the traditional methods.

Everyone is changing the way they do business. Harnessing the right levers of the digital revolution will be key to establishing a competitive advantage and delivering a better experience for your customers. “The need to personalize has been around for years and consumers continue to demand a better experience. We finally have the technology to help us make that possible — and in real-time,” explains the Chief Consulting Officer at Mikan Associates, Michael Odongo. Mikan is a project-based consulting firm and a provider of measurable, impactful data and analytic solutions that achieve targeted business goals.

The digital transformation is a key driver to Big Data needs, but many organizations don’t yet know how to take advantage of it. “We have found that one of the barriers to this transformation is the overwhelming number of possibilities and complexity of big data,” says Anne Maghas, Chief Strategy Officer, “The challenge for organizations is where do we start? What business problems can be addressed? How do we incorporate next generation technology into our existing infrastructure?”

Mikan’s clients often want to know where to source the required data, how the data specifically applies to their business, and what exactly Big Data is. “Although there’s a barrage of easily accessible information, forums, seminars, and summits of Big Data — probably enough to drown you — businesses still don’t really know how to take advantage of it,” says Odongo.

Mikan helps their clients breakdown the complexity of big data into simple and succinct areas to enable them to identify where Big Data can add value. “A key enabler of our client’s success,” according to Odongo, “is that we are able to quickly cut through the noise by using our Big Data Starter and Customer 360 Solutions — as an example.”

We at Mikan address all the big data complexities through our solutions that have the capability to understand the clients’ business objectives and mitigate their lean and tangible business problems

Mikan’s Big Data Starter is a ready-to-go solution that can quickly help solve an organization’s problem areas for proof of value. They have a predictive analytics kit for customer retention, supply chain optimization, and manufacturing efficiency—to name a few.

If an out-of-the-box solution isn’t your thing, Mikan works with their clients to create solutions that focus on personalization and creating long-term value. “We are strategically positioned to address the challenges by developing solutions with our clients based on actual business needs, not pie in the sky theory,” explains Maghas.

Mikan focuses on connecting all of their efforts and results to their client’s business objectives. They understand their clients have the need to increase their revenue and get a positive return on Big Data. “We are entrenched in how our clients think about their business, their value drivers, and the intimate details of their business,” Odongo excitedly explained, “we strive to prove to our clients that we care and that putting enormous trust in us can count for real business results.”

As the digital transformation continues to reach every organization, Mikan is leveraging their expertise in big data technologies and their strong industry-leading partnerships to deliver better service for their customers in real-time. They’re constantly innovating and looking for new ways to answer the why and how of big data for each business.

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Anne Maghas, Chief Strategy Officer

Mikan is a Strategic Data and Analytics consulting firm which provides measurable and impactful industry leading solutions

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