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Stephen Pratt, CEO
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is improving with a surprising pace, fueled by research and investments in hardware, algorithms, and clever applications of the two by forward-thinking organizations. It is easy to see some of this progress in the consumer context as we marvel about the future of the self-driving car or experiment with digital assistants, but AI is being applied “behind-the-scenes” to enterprise challenges to even greater effect. AI has already proven its value in many areas: supply chain optimization, marketing personalization, human resource management, fraud identification, predictive maintenance—but clearly this is only the beginning. As companies solve discrete challenges with AI, they can begin to connect those solutions, gradually building an enterprise with a super-competitive mix of artificial and human intelligences— Enterprise Artificial Intelligence. It might seem “sci-fi” if it were not already happening.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, helps businesses apply AI to their enterprise. A unique collaboration between business advisors, process experts, and AI technologies, builds AI solutions that combine their clients' human expertise and competitive advantages with the latest advances in machine learning, predictive data analytics, and data science. “We help our clients implement AI within their organizations, applying the best data and machine learning science to crucial business challenges,” describes Stephen Pratt, CEO,

Led by former top executives of IBM, GE Digital, Infosys, and MicroStrategy, the founders were frustrated by a landscape of AI vendors dominated by narrow specializations or DIY solutions. They set out to build a firm—and an AI—that understands where AI can be readily implemented within an or-ganization to provide immediate improvements. “If we don't see a 10x return on the investment, we chose the wrong KPIs,” states Pratt.

Over the years, Fortune 1000 companies have invested millions of dollars in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and, most recently, in data analytics.
Raj Joshi, Chief Client Officer
However, many of these companies have not realized a significant ROI from their investments. Similarly, as the Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded and the quantity and quality of sensor data improves, organizations can struggle to maximize the value of their investments in enterprise infrastructure.

We help our clients apply AI to solve complex business challenges

On the other hand, AI is not without limits and projects should be carefully considered. “We advise our partners to identify one discrete process that is particularly suitable for improvement, and focus on that—at least initially,” advises Raj Joshi, Chief Client Officer. “Prioritize business challenges that have a large quantity of data, require frequent high-impact decision-making, are of significant value for the organization, and are improvable with today’s AI algorithms.” has helped many clients realize significant value in data that had previously been overlooked. One executive says of his experience with, “the predictive accuracy of Noodle’s application is just far better than what we were able to do on our own—and it continually improves.”

Regarding its future plans, intends to work closely with their clients, incorporating their feedback to improve its current services and solutions. “Over the next three to five years, AI tech-nologies and big data will be the most significant competitive differentiators in business,” remarks Joshi. “We're excited to be at the center of this.”


San Francisco, CA,

Stephen Pratt, CEO and Raj Joshi, Chief Client Officer

Description applies AI to business processes. A unique collaboration of business advisors and AI technologies, their AI solutions combine human expertise with the latest advances in machine learning, predictive data analytics, and data science