Periscope™, by McKinsey: Driving Better Business Performance

Brian Elliott, CEO
With plethora of data emerging from multiple sources, companies are widely adopting big data technology to streamline and carryout marketing and sales activities. Leveraging on its effective marketing and sales expertise, Periscope helps companies to manage data deluge with a fine combination of software, tailored services, and expertise in the marketing and sales domain to provide clients with a granular view of their commercial and financial performance. The company has designed its solutions to improve pricing, promotion, assortments, and performance management. “With our complete big data management suite we gather and integrate our clients’ data and information into a central data warehouse,” notes Brian Elliott, CEO, Periscope. The big data solution enables clients to make better decisions based on advanced prescriptive analytics and to embed new pricing, commercial, and performance management capabilities throughout their organization.

Befitting the name—Periscope, with its integrated suite of solutions, delivers a complete insight of their clients’ data and provides sustainable return on sales (ROS) that help companies bring clarity to make everyday commercial decisions. These solutions also allow clients to identify, capture, and sustain performance improvement through ongoing access to advanced analytics and data, supported by enterprise-grade software and data management capabilities. “Our Periscope Vision suite includes–Data Vision, Market Vision, and Performance Vision, and together with Customer Insights drives performance through transparency into big data,” says Elliott. The solution also provides an in-depth view into historical sales and pricing data, enhancing performance management.

Periscope’s Data Vision cleans, structures, and integrates data from disparate sources—internal and external, enabling enterprises to effectively manage their data and create advanced visualization tools to run their business initiatives efficiently. “This visualization platform enables our clients to organize their data into a single source, which is maintained and updated on an ongoing basis, and delivers smart business intelligence to support decision making on optimal spend and resource allocation,” explains Elliott.

Periscope also offers Performance Vision, a big data solution that merges internal and external data and provides transparency to develop optimized, high-level pricing strategies. “Our easy-to-use analytics allow users to visualize their commercial performance, right down to the level of individual customers and products, and provide insight and guidance on improving commercial processes,” says Elliott.

With our complete big data management suite, we gather and integrate our clients’ landscape of data and information into a central data warehouse then mine it for prescriptive recommendations on how to improve commercial performance

In an instance, a global beverage company was on a constant lookout for a single solution to provide better visibility into product and price performance to optimize ROS. The company was lacking essential insights that would help them to make the right decisions to improve revenues and performance. “We collected and connected both internal financial and performance data, and syndicated third-party data and built the client’s internal capability with a series of training workshops as well as ongoing adoption support,” delineates Elliott.

Furthermore, Periscope’s Market Vision, a web data extraction and analysis solution provides firms with 24/7 advanced competitive intelligence and real-time market analysis to make better-informed pricing and product decisions.

The Periscope Customer Insights Solution provides clarity on how consumers and products interact and identifies improvement potential through actionable analysis, enabling Retailers and FMCG companies to base their assortment, promotion, and pricing decisions on a customer-centric approach that maximizes sales.

Year-on-year, Periscope will continue to innovate their existing solutions both organically and by acquisitions. In addition to B2B, consumer, retail and finance sectors, Periscope most recently expanded its footprint into fashion and apparel sectors, broadening its reach to help firms leverage prescriptive analytics for advanced insights creation. “We have made substantial investments in developing cutting-edge knowledge and technology, resulting in breakthroughs that consistently drive growth for our clients,” concludes Elliott.

Periscope, by McKinsey

New York, NY

Brian Elliott, CEO

Provides comprehensive suite of solutions focused on pricing promotions, assortment, and performance management to deliver sustainable ROS

Periscope, By McKinsey