Pontis: Creating Meaningful Customer Relationships

Udi Ziv, CEO
Customers have turned demanding, and seek a coherent experience, regardless of whether the interaction between them and the businesses are inbound or outbound. Understanding these customers and their drivers, gathering data from numerous internal and external sources, applying big data analytics in real-time and orchestrating customer engagements has become indispensible for businesses today. Delivering the out-of-the-box solution, Pontis enables businesses to maintain a consistent experience by centrally managing digital customer engagement across all channels and touch-points. For over a decade now, the company has been helping businesses drive engaging results, with its Pontis Engage solution. “With Pontis Engage, we revolutionize customer engagement by leading businesses through the ever-changing digital reality, and driving a higher level of value for each of their customers,” extols Udi Ziv, CEO, Pontis.

Pontis Engage is designed and executed in a way to effectively track and measure customer behaviors by capturing and analyzing the data from customer’s multi-channel buying journey. “Our solution delivers engaging results and drives higher revenue, while also dramatically and consistently increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty,” says Ziv. This is done through Pontis Engages’ drag and drop canvas that has the abiltiy to design personalized customer engagements and journeys, which includes out-of-the-box tools that drive data-driven decisions. The drag and drop visual interface creates, simulates, monitors, and manages engagements, and machine learning to automatically adapt every engagement to the specific context of the individual customer.

Pontis Engage enables businesses to leverage their big data assets to meet and exceed business KPIs. “Our solution applies real-time big data analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling to gather data from numerous internal and external data sources,” says Ziv. Doing so, Pontis help users to leverage a real-time, contextual view of the customer state during every engagement, and accordingly generate personalized offers that are continuously optimized for each individual customer. This allows Pontis to identify customer behaviors and experiences as they happen, and engage with the customer right on time—in real-time.

We revolutionize customer engagement by leading businesses through the ever-changing digital reality, and driving a higher level of value for each of their customers

Built with an extensive expertise from over a decade of working hand-in-hand with customers, Pontis Engage is mainly designed for marketers. “This expertise is embedded in the product, which helps clients in designing applications, analytical models, and pre-packaged implementation of leading use-cases,” explains Ziv. Leveraging Pontis Engage solution, businesses could effectively analyze data, identify the patterns of their customers’ behaviors, and arrive at conclusions based thereon. “Later, we test these conclusions on the customer base through sophisticated probing methodologies such as a/b testing, on a mass scale, to verify and confirm,” adds Ziv. “Doing so, we enable our customers to have the high-touch effect achievable through digital, online channels. It’s the personal side of brand engagement,” says Ziv.

Digital customer engagement is a ‘win-win,’ for businesses partnering with Pontis and their customers, as they can delight their clients with unprecedented engagements, personalized to their individual needs and real-time context. “We have plans to expand our offerings into new markets, especially the Financial Services, where we see a growing need for digital customer engagement,” says Ziv. Banks today, are re-evaluating the effectiveness of their marketing activities, as well as the changing roles of branches, agents, and advisors in optimizing customer engagement. “They need to plan and implement customer-centric and advanced data-driven strategies that will take them beyond traditional banking and transaction management; we at Pontis will help them achieve the goal,” elucidates Ziv.


Ra’anana, Israel

Udi Ziv, CEO and Ofer Razon, VP of Products and Marketing

Pontis provides Digital Customer Engagement solutions for revolutionizing how businesses engage with their customers. Pontis Engage delivers measurable results—including increased revenue, improved customer experience and lifetime value