Quad Analytix: Accurate Data Fostering Smarter Decisions

Andy Ballard, CEO
Big data is changing the way the world uses business information. However, they are challenged with the time consuming tasks of gathering, and simplifying large data sets and huge costs involved in data process that are vital to obtain valuable insights. In a situation as such, today’s businesses require sophisticated big data solutions that enhance data quality and enable them to gain competitive intelligence to make successful business decisions. This is where Quad Analytix comes into the picture. The company provides distinct insights from humongous data related to product, pricing, placement and promotion. “We help our clients to make accurate business decisions by providing actionable insights based on large data sets,” states Andy Ballard, CEO, Quad Analytix.

The San Mateo, CA, headquartered company automates the decision making process by gathering, normalizing, and analyzing data and transforming the data into visual insights that lead to action. Quad Analytix leverages data science algorithms and engineering skills to simplify the large data sets and provide updated data periodically to its clients through a front end application. It fosters better revenue and gross margins as well as profitable investment decisions in retailer relationships by distilling large pools of information into actionable insights. “We help our customers to evaluate their competitive position by providing accurate data about their competitor’s offerings, and accelerate ROI by enhancing the performance based on that information,” asserts Ballard.

Quad Analytix provides solutions for pricing, assortment and promotion strategies to clients. The company offers competitive price benchmarking, basket analysis, MAP and brand compliance, brand health, and pricing analytics. Its market data can drive competitive assortments and promotion analysis, it can simplify monitoring promotional activity of competitors to enhance the decisions related to promoting individual products or entire categories. As an example, Quad’s solutions enable brands and retailers, as well as financial services and consulting firms, to understand the discounting behavior of different brands and key retailers in a more efficient manner.

We automate the decision making process by gathering, normalizing, and analyzing data and transforming the data into visual insights

The company provides discounting behavior of various retailers—historical and current to enable users to make better pricing decisions. The company’s solutions assist clients in adopting a beneficial pricing strategy and maintaining profitable SKU assortments to stay competitive. In one instance, a footwear retail firm was finding it difficult to monitor prices for its products across the marketplace. Quad’s solution helped them manage data and workflows in a more automated manner and gain actionable insights to adopt profitable pricing strategies. The firm’s merchant team, global pricing team and sales team utilized the data presented by Quad Analytix to avoid mispricing and maintain its competitive position. “Our solutions assisted the firm to efficiently perform multiple functions that help drive day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month activities in a more effective manner,” says Ballard.

Quad Analytix is currently involved in innovation utilizing data science to enhance its capabilities and improve its data depth and quality. Moving forward, the company will focus on developing new solutions to visualize data to help customer’s drive insights and take action. The company’s long term goal is to explore more market opportunities and serve more customers who need streamlined workflow solutions to make decisions that power the business. “We are planning to constantly enhance our technology and platform to provide better products to our customers that create business value for them,” concludes Ballard.

Quad Analytix

San Mateo, CA

Andy Ballard, CEO

Provides solutions that provide distinct insights from disparate data sets to make informed decisions

Quad Analytix