SiteZeus: The Democratization of Location Intelligence Unleashed

Hannibal Baldwin, Co-Founder
Big data is growing fast and integrating it with Business Intelligence (BI) systems is a vital step that organizations are undertaking to secure predictable forms of success and ultimately gain higher Return on Investment (ROI). Presently, enterprises across every industry are leveraging multifarious forms of BI tools that facilitate users to consolidate and report basic information. Democratization of machine learning has gradually diminished the requirement for developing proprietary algorithms, but one of the hindrances that still persist, is organizations fail to understand the relevant factors driving success and how to actually leverage these insights to take more beneficial and targeted actions. “Our technology’s primary role is to bring artificial intelligence to the forefront of location based decisions through navigating vast quantities of data, in a completely real-time, user driven experience,” explains Hannibal Baldwin, Co-Founder, SiteZeus.

The firm’s solution is a blend of big-data driven location intelligence and next generation Geospatial Location Intelligence technology, designed for the commercial real estate industry at large, including brokers, developers, and growing retail brands. SiteZeus offers three separate product tiers, Simply, Savvy & Synergy. SiteZeus Simply enables users to report and visualize ‘raw’ information fast and effectively. Savvy empowers clients to report and visualize multifarious location based metrics and comparisons in real-time, saving enormous amounts of manual analysis and time. “Savvy is solving for a painful void within the standard GIS marketplace where there is a lack of solutions that serve as a comparative analytics engine for extremely large data sets at an affordable cost,” says Baldwin. Synergy bestows users with the ability to create & build comprehensive predictive analysis in a seamless and meaningful way. The technology gives the user abilities and insights that would have typically been reserved for data scientists, statisticians, and sophisticated consultants without ever having any previous working knowledge in the field. SiteZeus also integrates external data channels and attributes, whether they be site characteristics like square footage or number of seats to social driven data like Yelp reviews or Facebook likes. “Our intelligence engine leverages a framework of various machine learning algorithms that compete to win any given user data set, based on true, back-tested predictability measures,” says Baldwin.

What sets us apart is our belief in innovation cultivated through risk, failure and success alike

He further continues, “Our technology is extremely user friendly, built with the core purpose of abstracting away the architectural and mathematical complexities occurring in the background, while still delivering the industry’s most powerful and actionable forms of location intelligence.” SiteZeus’ fundamental claim to success has been the power, yet simplicity it delivers, which has been instrumental in increasing store performance through better real estate selection, automating manual analysis, enhancing investment appeal among franchise partners and accelerating location growth trajectories.

SiteZeus is assisting First Watch, a daytime cafe restaurant chain with several hundred locations nationally, enabling them to actively source better performing sites with more revenue potential, while also mitigating high cost real estate and rent rates, ultimately creating higher ROI opportunities. With the help of SiteZeus Synergy, First Watch has the ability to produce forecasting intelligence for both the newly acquired The Egg & I brand, and most importantly the core First Watch Brand. This process would have typically been reserved for a consultative engagement with large, long-term, six figure contracts. SiteZeus had compressed this into a real time, cost effective, user driven technology for $2,500 a month.

“What sets us apart is our belief in fast-paced innovation, cultivated through risk, failure and success alike,” says Baldwin. According to him, the key to success is to “fail fast,” understand what caused the failure and address the change with relentless efficiency. Forging ahead. With the addition of two new product tiers Simply and Savvy, SiteZeus becomes a resource which can be leveraged across an entire ecosystem within the commercial real estate industry.


Tampa, FL

Hannibal Baldwin, Co-Founder

SiteZeus is an intuitive SaaS platform incorporating big-data driven location intelligence and next generation geospatial technology to lead the evolution of the retail site selection process