Sixth Sense Advisors: Enabling Better Data Governance

Krish Krishnan, Founder and CEO
“Looking into the future of data warehouse, I realized that we were binding ourselves into developing infrastructure capabilities as opposed to harnessing data,” states Krish Krishnan, Founder & CEO, Sixth Sense Advisors. In present times, “Although CIOs are adopting frameworks like Hadoop, Cassandra, and Spark to gain better data insights, they often find themselves in a state of confusion to select the best solutions for their organizations,” adds Krishnan. To derive better business results many firms are trying to embrace big data trends and implement tools but, there are many loopholes around data governance. Sixth Sense Advisors, the Chicago, IL based firm offers consulting services and helps enterprises to come up with better data governance, collaboration, and analytics.

The firm’s customer-centric engagement, positions them ahead of its counterparts offering consulting services around big data. “We align ourselves with the executive teams of our clients to assess their business models, and understand the data and analytics issues that the organization is trying to solve,” explains Krishnan. In the assessment stage, the company engages in meetings and questioning sessions with the CIOs to gather information about the clients. Sometimes, customers also bring in other executive members and suggest a facilitation session, enabling Sixth Sense Advisors to easily identify and assess their business complexities. After evaluating the intricacies that are directly linked to the inadequate return on investment (ROI), and capturing the opportunities that will drive value for the clients, the firm starts its consulting phase wherein the partnered companies are involved. “We have partnerships with consulting companies in multifarious verticals around the globe who help us to deliver top of the line results to our customers,” says Krishnan. Besides clients have a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), all information is strictly kept confidential as a result of which many customers prefer to work with Sixth Sense Advisors on a collaborative perspective.

“Our organization is not only a technology consultant company, but we also work as industry analyst and advisory service provider that is focused on diverse technological landscapes,” states Krishnan.

We are not only a technology consultant company, but we also work as industry analyst and advisory service provider focused on diverse technological landscapes

The firm is known for its independent technology analyst services for technologies focusing on data base, data warehousing, analytics and Business Intelligence (BI).

In an instance, Sixth Sense Advisors assisted a financial service company based in San Antonio to come up with a better collaboration system. The client’s organization merged and acquired different firms, resulting in 19 different units. These units were generating a lot of data, from different sources. In spite of having latest modes of communication like tablet, cell phones, wireless and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices, the client was unable to procure relevant data insights. Sixth Sense Advisors, along with partnered companies, helped the customer to align technological skills and suggested a shared solution service theme model for the customer. As a result, the client attained better governance of data, and collaboration, and ability to do away with unwanted software licenses, reports, and frameworks.

Forging ahead, Sixth Sense Advisors is planning to enhance their present services and evolve in the marketplace. The enterprise also intends to expand by acquiring and partnering with numerous companies for desired consequences. “Our goal is to be a unique service company that engages with clients to leverage solution and help them gain business insights without having to spend heavily,” concludes Krishnan.

Sixth Sense Advisors

Chicago, IL

Krish Krishnan, Founder and CEO

Enables clients to understand the current business transformations taking place in the domain of data and analytics

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