SnA: Comprehensive Marketing and Financial Analytics Solutions

Ömer Nadirler, Founder and Managing Director
“Data is like crude oil, but unless refined using Analytics, it is worthless,” says Ömer Nadirler, Founder and Managing Director of SnA. The abundance of data and lack of analytical solutions in marketing and financial arenas inspired him to found SnA that today provides actionable insights to prospective clients. Since the inception, the firm has been helping clients in telecommunications, insurance, banking, and retail industries with business analytics solutions and services. “Turning data into valuable assets is our prime objective,” informs Nadirler about the mission that drives SnA to design marketing and financial analytics solutions—alleviating clients from myriad problems in business workflows and decisions.

SnA orients the process of designing the solution with the analytical framework and client’s organizational strategy. “We gather the data from different channels and build the solutions that expedite the business activities,” states Nadirler. Team SnA discerns the applicable areas of Big Data functions; uses collaborative approach to ascertain the client’s needs by working with their core teams, and gathers data from all the available sources. The company blends marketing perspective with finance paradigm to offer credit card limit optimization, credit score card optimization, and price sensitivity analysis of financial products. “We work with different payment system organizations to offer score card optimization jointly with the banks,” says Nadirler.

“In this epoch of digitalization, clients are banking on marketing analytics for variety of business actions,” states Nadirler. In tandem with the client’s demand to capture data in the real time, SnA assists the clients to identify the customer segment for each product category and run their marketing campaigns in real time. “We help the clients in optimizing their marketing efforts by harnessing the forecasted costs and data about the customer base,” says Nadirler.

Turning data into valuable assets is our prime objective

The customized analytical solutions by SnA in Finance and Marketing arena have created gains for clients from data driven sectors. In one such instance, a large insurance company was facing the threat of losing policy holders because of the usage of conventional ways to inform about premiums. Team SnA fetched the data from all sources, analyzed it, and zeroed in on non-traditional parameters that could be embedded into the existing message structure. The incorporation of the new parameters helped the insurer to conduct personalized interaction with the policy holders. The client was also able to optimize the policy offerings and avoid losses due to undercharged premium. Eventually, the Insurance firm successfully retained the customers as they were saved from paying higher premium.

SnA has created success stories similar to the insurance company’s and given utmost importance to final outcome after deployment of the solution. “We have been providing our clients the value that they should get from their strategic investments,” says Nadirler. SnA’s approach to ensure the expected return on solution deployment merits it with new clients via referrals from its existing client base. The firm endues its professionals with the skillsets necessary to perform complex tasks in the Analytics arena. Members of Team SnA also contribute to the community of open source technology enthusiasts and aim to develop packages that would speedily analyze the data. “At the end of the day, we are very strong team that has gained clients’ trust through our solutions,” concludes Nadirler.


Istanbul, Turkey

Ömer Nadirler, Founder and Managing Director

Provides data mining and predictive analytics solutions to Banking, Insurance, Retail and Telecommunication firms to create actionable insights