SoyHuCe: Big Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Nicolas Guy, CEO
“Today, the economic war is first and foremost a war of information. The one who has mastered the information holds the power and dominates the ecosystem,” remarks Nicolas Guy, CEO, SoyHuCe.

In an era where enterprises are increasingly emphasizing on digitization, data plays a vital role in strategic decision-making processes. Developing an axis of data recovery, SoyHuCe supports the accompaniment of the digital transformation of businesses with the help of big data technology. The company assembles major technologies such as internet of objects, artificial intelligence and big data to its algorithms around data processing to derive essential data insights. Based on its customizable software and algorithms, centered on the trades, and on the ability to highlight the needs beyond those expressed through a fine analytical approach, SoyHuCe is positioned as an “advocates’ dedonnées” in the big data market.

SoyHuCe’s Tech Studio Hybrid is a Research and Development (R&D) laboratory, a digital agency, and a software publisher on the big data that allows customers to successfully move toward digitization. “Studio Hybrid accompanies businesses and communities in customers’ global issues related to the challenges of their digital transformation,” explains Nicolas. The main objective of Tech Studio is to cross a cell of R&D that specializes in new technologies related to the data processing along with a digital agency and software publisher. It promotes and showcases the services that are developed and supported on a cell of integration and software development to facilitate the implementation of the tools inside the business.

To integrate new technologies at the heart of its innovation lab, SoyHuCe has partnered with IBM (Bluemix/ Watson) and Oracle with its cloud or with Nomosphere, a nework provider (WiFi and sensors) to collect data. “We act as a pillar on which clients can rely to discover the issues and develop new services,” says Nicolas. One of the major players in energy sector partnered with SoyHuCe to access the data in real time on the sites to optimize the tours of their technicians and trace the information of their maintenance operations.

We act as a pillar on which clients can rely on to discover the issues and develop new services

SoyHuCe put a platform in place to allow the customer to access an interactive documentation of the maintenance operations. Additionally, the platform also helped the customer to re-optimize the whole of the tour of maintenance-based failures and faults that have been detected on site.

In order to promote its know-how and expertise in technologies, SoyHuCe has developed an application called iStoryPath, which can be implemented in the tourism and travel guide field. The company has utilized big data technologies to demonstrate that iStoryPath can revolutionize the tourism segment by offering a completely customized and contextualized tourist travel guide. For instance, SoyHuCe solved weather forecast issues for Norman city, which mostly depends on weather for its turnover and expenditure. The company improved the forecasting and facilitated communication to enable better stability and prediction of the turnover for the city—implementing proper homes for tourists in the city.

As its future course of action, SoyHuCe has short and medium term goals to make significant impact in the digital transformation and big data space with a human-centered forward-looking approach. “Our ambition is to be the indispensable actor of the transformation of the industrial economy in accompanying SMES or ETI and large accounts through their digital transformation in Europe,” says Nicolas. SoyHuCe also aspires to rollout a platform of active citizenship, City2gether, to optimize the public services.


Basse-Normandie, France

Nicolas Guy, CEO

Provider of customizable software and algorithms that focus on digital transformation