Wipro EcoEnergy: Leveraging Data for Efficient Energy Management

Syed Mansoor Ahmad, VP and Global Business Head
In an Internet of Things (IoT)-driven environment, large volumes of data are generated from connected devices, stressing the need for its granularity to help organizations derive meaningful insights and address different business cases. Envisioning the outcomes of leveraging data—energy efficiency, sustainability, and financial benefits, the founders of Wipro EcoEnergy, a unit of Wipro Limited stepped into the market to empower enterprises to gain accurate information, visualize, and take corrective actions for energy management. “As part of our innovation initiative of interconnecting IoT data, we found energy infrastructure as one of the interesting use cases to start our journey,” starts Syed Mansoor Ahmad, VP and Global Business Head, Wipro EcoEnergy. As their business escalated, Mansoor realized that the data is also helpful in the maintenance and operational performance analytics in other areas. However, with the technological advancements, the firm found that most companies do not understand the need to improve their existing architecture or implement new tools which are often expensive in order to accommodate the surging data. Further, inefficient visualizing techniques often deployed by companies restrict the presentation of data in an insightful manner and auto-corrective actions based on it. To eliminate these challenges, Wipro EcoEnergy provides intelligent and sustainable solutions using big data analytics aimed at enterprise wide and distributed environments.

The company delivers energy management services in a methodical manner called ‘the three waves of energy savings’. “In a distributed environment, where there are thousands of outlets for an organization, it is likely that nearly 10 to 20 percent of them work inefficiently. In the first wave of savings, we do clustering and benchmarking across sites, analyzing outliers to gain sufficient insight,” explains Mansoor. In the second wave, Wipro EcoEnergy carries out detection procedure for elements that are deviating from the organizations’ policies and strategies on a continuous basis. Upon identifying the deviations, the company proceeds to determine and diagnose its causes. In the final wave, Wipro EcoEnergy focuses on the design deficiencies, which most of the firms ignore due to the non-availability of longer range data to derive insights.

Our act starts from a benchmarking perspective, removing all the outliers, and based on that bringing the average energy usage down and working continuously toward its improvement

The company then suggests better control techniques and logics to apply in the environment to enhance energy savings and site operational efficiency.

Once these three waves are completed, it becomes a cyclical process to execute deviation management on new strategies applied, to keep an eye on the sites going out of bound. “Our act starts from a benchmarking perspective, removing all the outliers, and based on that bringing the average energy usage down and working continuously toward its improvement,” says Mansoor.

Additionally, Wipro EcoEnergy uses data for conditional based maintenance, allowing customers to undergo preventive maintenance cycles. The company has the ability to handle diverse set of IoT and non-IoT data—from energy consumption data to sensor, asset, and external data like weather, geospatial and business data, and apply big data analytics to discover the source of inefficiencies and potential for improvements. “Aimed at solving business problems of physical sites of customers, we not only promise our efficient technology but also ensure a desired outcome for our clients,” asserts Mansoor.

For the future, Wipro EcoEnergy is determined to continue delivering services that improve operational efficiencies of its clients, assuring augmented customer experience. “We wish to harness the power of IoT and big data to assist our customers to be agile and run processes at significantly lower costs,” concludes Mansoor.

Wipro EcoEnergy

East Brunswick, NJ

Syed Mansoor Ahmad, VP and Global Business Head

Provides intelligent and sustainable solutions for optimizing energy consumption and site efficiency utilizing leading edge analytics

Wipro EcoEnergy