Top 20 Big Data Startups Companies - 2017

Organizations have realized that it is time to address the “elephant in the room”. The sheer rate at which companies amass data has reflected in the growth opportunities in the market for its management. Those startups that realized the potential of the big data market as recent as five years ago have now become key players. Big data startups today can expect to grow at an even faster rate, as the amount of data to be managed within the enterprise continues to grow exponentially, and the demand to see value from volume does not cease either.

What is interesting, however, is that big data startups today are not as horizontal as they used to be. Bigger players are now witnessing individual startups enter the marketplace with solutions specialized for specific verticals such as healthcare, public sector, and finance. What makes the opportunities greenfield is the fact that big data analytics is a game-changer for companies worldwide, regardless of the business line.

A number of factors indirectly affect the line of focus for startups specializing in big data management. The demand for integration for a wider variety of data sources, evident from the growth of the IoT and social media marketing areas, has pushed startups to move beyond traditional Hadoop and provide unorthodox database formats. Leveraging cloud technology, big data startups are seen performing amazing data crunches with the help of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence as well.

A distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VC’s and analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board, have assimilated all such developments in the big data startup landscape identified the front-runners in big data innovation. We present to you the “20 Most Promising Big Data Startups – 2017”, a summary of our analysis of the market.

Top Big Data Companies

AvidBeam provides an open extensible video analytics platform that assist organizations to efficiently extract business intelligence from video big data

Innovyt’s platform consists of IoT hardware kit with firmware libraries for rapid prototyping, data modeling, advanced analytics, and connected applications using Web and Mobile Platforms

Packaged as a multi-tenant, scalable, and cloud-friendly offering with easy, native integration, Interset eliminates the need for resorting to multiple, siloed solution offerings

Data analytics solutions and services provider focused on solving today’s key business challenges through improved usage of data and pragmatic analytics


Provides a marketplace that enables algorithm developers to explore, create, and share algorithms as web services


Provides real time analytics and automated anomaly detection, discovering outliers in vast amounts of data and turning them into valuable business insights

Bedrock Data

Provides a product to connect, clean and continuously synchronize multiple cloud systems in real-time


A leading provider of unified data access control for big data and new data initiatives


Provides an enterprise Big Data-as-a-Service that allows businesses to move and optimize big data processing in the cloud


Confluent Inc. designs and develops a real-time data platform for organizations by offering Apache Kafka


A data science company that uses real-time, machine-based learning to help payment networks, banks and retailers prevent fraud in omnichannel commerce

Provides an open source machine learning platform that makes it easy to build smart applications


Provides a demand-driven platform for big data that enables users to run advanced analytics against various data source and develop result driven applications


Maana Knowledge Platform turns human expertise and data from silos into digital knowledge to improve assets and operations of Fortune 500 companies


Nuevora provides advanced analytics solutions to enhance marketing effectiveness, increase customer lifetime values, and mitigate risk


Develops an open source tool that enables programmers to run analysis over petabytes of data using containers


RJMetrics Inc. builds data infrastructure and analytics software to help businesses make smarter decisions with their data


StreamSets software delivers performance management for data flows that feed the next generation of big data applications


Striim provides an end-to-end, real-time data integration and streaming analytics platform

Waterline Data

Provides an innovative data operations platform that reinvents how enterprises deliver timely and trustworthy data to their critical applications