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Software AG Caters 'One Stop Shop' Ability for Enterprise Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Big Data, Integration and Business Process Technology distributor Software AG annunciates the inclusion of Big Data Predictive Analytics solutions into its existing Digital Business Platform to enable them track down revenue and resource related risks and take actions accordingly.

Software AG enables customers to optimize their system, operational functions and enhance their decision making capability with its product like, Adabas-Natural for Database Management System and Application Development; Software AG Cloud for IT profile management and integration and APAMA for IoT Data Streaming Analytics.

 Software AG Digital Business Platform is designed to manage digital change of organizations and develop adaptive application required for business. It serves firms for their GRC, API Management, Operational Intelligence and Transaction Processing related management functionality.

Software AG has collaborated with Zementis which provides software solutions for predictive analytics. Zementis ADAPA which is a deployment platform and scoring engine to detect patterns in Big Data through algorithms for predictive analysis will be installed into Software AG APAMA, giving unique ‘one stop shop’ ability to enterprises for business insight. This new feature will be backing predictive maintenance, smart metering, manufacturing, supply chain optimization, fraud detection and IoT marketing use cases.

ADAPA is a Predictive Model Markup Language based solution eradicating the complexity of model-to-model translation. ADAPA yields real-time customer insight by delivering result based on data points and accelerating accuracy of business decisions.

According to Michael, Zeller, CEO, Zementis, embracing Big Data predictive analytics will benefit businesses with immense of information, which will enhance business performance. Memory processing, cloud computing and IoT interoperating with agile computing and sensor platforms also contribute to modernize enterprise analytics capability.