CBIG Consulting: Providing Quality Solutions for Large Data Assets

Todd Nash, President
In this era of explosive data growth, traditional methods of obtaining and analyzing database source information will only take an enterprise so far. Big Data can deliver big, valuable insights. But to achieve those results, organizations must navigate a highly complex set of issues and technologies to be successful.

Solving this major issue is CBIG Consulting, a firm that believes in providing strategic business solutions by focusing exclusively on Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Chicago, CBIG's expertise is built on data warehousing, business intelligence, Big Data analytics and a cloud-based services platform. CBIG Consulting is headed up by Todd Nash, who has over twenty years of direct experience in business intelligence and Big Data analytics, backed by a reputation working with global enterprises and mid-sized organizations in retail, e-retail, telecom, health care and life sciences, finance and insurance, not-for-profits, CPG, transportation, energy, industrial manufacturing, and other industries.

"In the olden days, handling big data was a challenge both in terms of technology as well as the cost," says Todd Nash. With huge amounts of data assets at their disposal, but without any integrated architecture to measure and analyze it, organizations found it difficult to make tactical decisions and produce quality business strategies." CBIG was among the first companies to make this connection, and in its early years, the company started conducting research to provide organizations with feasible solutions to Big Data management. Their goal was to develop a custom, revolutionary strategy for each client to leverage their data, and enable proactive decision-making based on customers' attitudes, market trends, sensor data, and other data points.

In 2011, CBIG developed and field-tested its Big Data Analytics Framework, a four-stage model to leverage both traditional and new data. Starting with Strategy, opportunities are identified and business cases are built. Then the Architecture is designed, where harnessed data is processed through infrastructure tools to deploy an integration roadmap. Integration is next, which includes cloud integration. The fourth stage is dedicated for Realization towards increased data visibility, predictability and strategic insights.

CBIG helps organizations that want to harness the power of data but are struggling for a solution

CBIG has also developed a series of accelerators – based on best practice BI architecture, just on a smaller scale – to help firms jump start Big Data analytics processes. These are ideal in helping firms quickly prove the value of a Big Data analytics initiative at reduced cost and risk. Firms can then grow and scale the effort as the business changes. CBIG's Framework and accelerators have been used by many organizations, including a leading utility e-commerce firm in the U.S., which commissioned CBIG to help organize its sensor data to gain insights on over-all usage of its utility product by customers. Another real estate company is successfully using CBIG's Framework to keep track of customer traffic and locate potential customers within its vast website.

Business analysts are looking more and more to CBIG as both pioneers and thought leaders in the field. Noting CBIG’s successful year and its growing role in Big Data Analytics and Cloud BI services, Todd Nash commented, "A lot of consulting firms are now turning their focus on the Big Data space and CBIG welcomes competition with the right spirit by stressing on continuous creativity, innovation and staying ahead of the technology curve. We've been very fortunate with our teams’ advancements in goal-oriented services that deliver faster results with bigger returns on customers’ investments."

Looking ahead, the firm is poised for continued growth in all market sectors in terms of services and geographical location. With recent expansions leading to an international presence in the Asia-Pacific region, CBIG is aiming to deliver the "most obvious solutions" within a short time frame, securing customer satisfaction along with lasting trust in a working partnership with its clients.

CBIG Consulting

Rosemont, Illinois

Todd Nash, President and Co-founders: Don Arendarczyk, John Onder, Chris Ford, John Harmann

Provides BI and Big Data analytic solutions that help clients leverage large data assets for improved strategic business decisions