evolve24: Actionable Insights From Social Data

Michael W. Bryars, SVP & GM
Social media is transforming the business landscape like never before with incredible insights into customers’ opinions, expectations, unmet needs and perceptions. For businesses today, it’s imperative to monitor, analyze and respond quickly. By leveraging real-time feedback, companies can improve their customer experience and bottom line.

evolve24 is an audience understanding company that moves enterprises beyond social media monitoring to social intelligence by providing integrated market intelligence solutions. evolve24’s customized approach of integrating social media and traditional data arms executive teams with knowledge to better understand how and why customer behavior and perceptions can impact their business. With more than ten years experience in analyzing social conversations, evolve24 offers effective strategies to marketing and communications professionals to help them take action on insights derived from a wide range of social research reports.

evolve24 uses the latest technology and social sciences to design systems that continuously analyze vast amounts of traditional and social media data to determine its clients’ overall information landscape, and then provide quantitative metrics that allow clients to measure and report the value of their marketing and communications efforts. By merging social media with Big Data, the strategic consulting firm provides its clients with deep audience understanding and actionable insights that solve complex business problems, drive strategy and optimize business performance.

“Social Media has become the central communication channel for the consumer, which has created the largest source of consumer data in the entire history of the world, and we have pioneered a complete portfolio of neuroscience-based analytics that enables evolve24 to connect all of those disparate conversations to consumer perception and purchase behaviors, which our clients use to inform their market strategies and tactics,” says Michael Bryars, Senior Vice President and General Manager, evolve24.

The company believes in helping its clientele move beyond monitoring by finding hidden insights and trends that solve critical business challenges

Using this new stream of social data, evolve24’s world-class team of data scientists and research analysts not only convert data into insights, but also provide strategic guidance on what its clients can do next based on the data-driven topics that can become risks to the business or competitive opportunities. Because of evolve24’s ability to correlate perceptions to key performance indicators, its services are highly sought by Fortune 500 companies.

evolve24 has its proprietary algorithms and tools, which are fueled by an innovation lab to infuse the latest thinking in cognitive science and social research into its data collection processes. The firm also has its patent-pending PRECISE research methodology, based on a peer-reviewed research, which is a predictive analytics technology that analyzes social data to identify rising issues based on several indicators. This combination of leading edge analytics and DIY research tools and best-in-class data collection and flexibility offers its clients a unique advantage in business intelligence.


Fenton, MO

Michael W. Bryars, SVP & GM

The strategic consulting firm merges social media with “Big Data" to provide its clients with deep audience understanding