Saama Technologies: Data Driven, Science Led

CIO Vendor Staying ahead of the curve in an advanced, digital data-driven world has become critical for organizations. With massive volumes of valuable unstructured data permeating the analytics market on a daily basis, it has become critical for the organizations to leverage the untapped data sets for more meaningful business insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities. This is where Saama Technologies comes into play.

Based in Campbell, CA, Saama Technologies is a pure-play business analytics solution and service provider. Founded and headed by Suresh Katta, Saama is working with major software vendors to create solutions that help organizations make better quality decisions. Its core business is to manage enterprise data and transform complex data streams into valuable information that directly improves profitability. It helps leading companies analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, using advanced statistical techniques and sophisticated quantitative methods to produce insights that traditional approaches to business intelligence are unlikely to discover.

Saama's experience from multiple and complex Fortune 500 deployments has helped it develop reusable, customizable solutions framework designed to accelerate a company's data and analytics solution, and have it up and running in weeks. With a standards based approach, Saama Analytics Framework makes it easy to comply with enterprise IT norms and also make plug-and-play components that are easy to install.
This framework enables businesses to understand the correlation between diverse data sources such as social media, syndicated data and other unstructured data and a company's in-house data. For business executives, this reusable framework provides a significant increase in time-to-market and the opportunity to stay ahead of competition.

Beyond gathering and extracting information from unstructured data, Saama connects valuable unstructured data to a company's semi-structured and structured data to give it a highly relevant, accurate picture of the complete data sets so that the company can take immediate actions with the right information.

In the words of Todd Johnson, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of Saama, "A unique blend of Business Intelligence (BI) technology expertise, intellectual property portfolio and strong relationships with the industry’s leading technology providers are the reasons behind the success of the organization and these unique features sets the firm apart from its competitors."

At Saama, the team aims to give customers a competitive advantage with advanced, accurate decision making in every line of business.From data integration to analytics and visualization, the company intends to build suitable solutions that target to solve specific, analytics driven business problems. As a data management and services partner, the organization claims that it will continue to come up with products that help its clients identify, gather, map, and integrate all data sources at an accelerated pace.

Saama Technologies

Staying ahead of the curve in an advanced, digital data-driven world has become critical for organizations.

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