XTIVIA: Helping To Achieve Business Intelligence Strategy Goals

Dennis Robinson, CEO
Companies normally view data from an operational perspective. XTIVIA, a data management company headquartered in Colorado, saw it from a Business Intelligence (BI) angle, and they are helping companies use it to function more effectively in today's changing world. There is a massive difference between the data requirements for an operational system and those of a BI system. Recognizing this difference, XTIVIA assists businesses with a team of experienced business analysts who understand the unique nature of defining requirements for a BI solution.

The XTIVIA team of analysts works together to design, build, and implement BI solutions for their clients using XTIVIA's onshore business model. XTIVIA also develops portals for employees, partners, customers, and the public that are highly personalized, visually appealing, and easy to use. XTIVIA makes content management, collaboration, and web portal solutions available to its customers, leveraging themselves in the industry with a reputation for providing best-of breed products and technologies.

XTIVIA helped a non-profit organization reduce their software licensing cost by implementing an open-source based tool and enhancing their data architecture. Within three months, rewarding results were visible and the organization benefited from key performance indicators for specific campaigns, as well as the ability to share that intelligence across functional teams in an effective and agile manner. "Over the last few years, we have devised a methodology that addresses the need for agility and we figure out what’s the biggest bang for the buck that our customers can get in a short period of time, maybe in three months. We simplify the big picture, without losing sight of it, and then we get into designing and solution development," explains Mangesh Mharolkar, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence at XTIVIA.
XTIVIA also provides services specifically designed to meet the database administration, maintenance, monitoring, management, development, support, and consulting needs of its clients. The company also ensures the availability of expert IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase database administrators and consultants who can support different aspects of information systems.

XTIVIA provides solutions across numerous industries, but their core target areas are healthcare, media/publishing, retail, and oil and gas. The firm focuses on creating tool sets and processes that suit the situations of its customers, making sure that the solutions provided are reliable, consistent, and delivered in a timely manner. "Xtivia is a trusted business partner in realizing my Data Analytic vision and in achieving both the short term and long term goals for the business intelligence strategy at PDC. Xtivia has been our go to resource for establishing information management best practices, defining data governance processes and owners, and above all implementing solutions that provide the right information at the right time. Recent examples include the profitability of individual wells viewed across multiple operational hierarchies, integration of systems and information for Green House Gas emissions metrics and master data management where Xtivia has been an integral extension of the PDC team. With the expertise provided by Xtivia, I have no doubts that my vision and goals for PDC’s Business Intelligence are in the right hands," Jim Gaulke, CIO, PDC Energy – CIO of the Year 2012.

For a company that builds roadmaps for their clients, developing a roadmap for themselves and ensuring it takes the right path is a cakewalk.


Colorado Springs, CO

Dennis Robinson, CEO

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