Attunity: Enables Access, Sharing and Distribution of Data Across Enterprise Platforms

Taming Big Data transfer challenges poses a major threat to many organizations today. Before being able to use Big Data, it is necessary to have the means to manage and move it. Bringing drastic advancements in this arena is Attunity, a provider of information availability software solutions.

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Attunity creates software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data across enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud. Lawrence Schwartz, Vice President of Marketing at Attunity says, “Our Company gets its name from the word attuned. Being attuned to something means you are brought into a harmonious responsive relationship. So, being attuned is what we do here—we move data from disparate sources and targets and make everything work together successfully.”

From its early days, the firm has been focusing on connectivity products and providing data integration across different platforms. With over two decades of experience, Attunity has been flourishing in the Big Data market by reaching out to customers in need of solutions including data replication, Change Data Capture (CDC), Data Connectivity, Enterprise File Replication (EFR), Managed-File-Transfer (MFT), and Cloud Data Delivery.

Initially, when people had to move their data from databases, they heavily relied on ETL. But, today, with the advent of Big Data, they need a technology that can handle the inherent demands of high data volumes, various data types and real-time business requirements. Attunity provides its users with easy-touse applications that can manage, move and transfer large amounts of data with high performance. The firm simplifies the process of moving data in a refined manner for heterogeneous environments by eliminating the time-consuming process of scripting.

Attunity’s flagship product, Attunity Replicate, is a solution for moving all sorts of Big Data typically from structured environments like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and other major databases, to the desired target locations, including major data warehouses such as Teradata, HP Vertica, and Pivotal.

And Attunity CloudBeam, another prime tool offered by the company, enables accelerated transfers of data to, from, and between cloud environments. Attunity CloudBeam’s Redshift offerings a solution which enables organizations to accelerate the loading of data and incremental hanges from a variety of heterogeneous sources to Amazon Redshift. Attunity’s other p r o d u c t s include Attunity RepliWeb, Attunity Maestro, Attunity Connect, Attunity Gold Client, and Attunity MFT (Managed File Transfer).

Attunity serves more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. One customer of note, a leading independent company in the ticketing industry, was looking to expand their analytics by taking advantage of the cloud. The client was struggling to accomplish this as the process was very time-consuming and involved scripting and complex manual procedures. Even though they could derive value out of Redshift, the actual path to get the data there was a bit more challenging. Once they used Attunity CloudBeam, they were able to get the data transmission going in just a matter of minutes instead of the months they previously faced. The client saved a dramatic amount of time and money, avoided the need to hire a dedicated Database Administrator, and lowered ongoing support costs.

“We built a robust technology and it works closely with all the major vendors in the Big Data space whether it is Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, Pivotal, HP, or Teradata, just to name a few. Partnering with these major players and being their customer’s conduit for data movement has strategically taken us forward,” expresses Schwartz. Moving ahead, Attunity plans to bring further enhancements to its new product, Attunity Maestro, to include a global view and management of all data movement within an enterprise. The company also envisions encompassing many more data types as it works closely with customers on their solutions in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Media/Entertainment, and several other verticals.


Burlington, MA

Lawrence Schwartz, Vice President of Marketing

Expert in creating software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data across enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud.