CALIBRE Systems: Driving Big Data Solutions towards Business Goals

Joseph A. Martore, CEO
The proliferation of data types, volumes, and velocity are well acknowledged across industries. At the project level, the concerns are focused on generating business value from the data at hand;while across the board, the concerns are on the need to generate returns to program offices and stakeholders.

“There is variety in how returns are defined—For some, returns are defined as being more efficient, operating at less cost, and having improved outcomes. The ability to drive Big Data solutions in the service of the business goal is where CALIBRE shines and our customers benefit,” says Joseph A. Martore, CEO, CALIBRE Systems, Inc.

The ability to drive Big Data solutions in the service of the business goal is where CALIBRE shines and our customers benefit

Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, CALIBRE is an endto- end data consulting and technology service company. CALIBRE’s services range from data analytics; financial and cost management; logistics and acquisition management; program management and decision support; and training, modelling, and simulation services. As a total solutions company, CALIBRE builds and delivers tailored, integrated solutions to support the responsibilities and mission-critical systems for their customers.

CALIBRE’s data analytics services include highperformance logistics analysis with an expert view of the management context and decision support requirements. The company’s business analytics let customers view the results in the form of dashboards and reports after capturing data from multiple, disparate legacy systems and aggregating into a coherent operating picture. CALIBRE analyzes data to identify inconsistencies, choke points in workflows, emerging problems, and most efficient solutions.

CALIBRE also provides mentoring to small start-up companies by offering “shoulder-toshoulder” support to assist the entire business life cycle, from company start-up to proposal preparation and contract execution.

“Our technical solutions fit budgets, meet timelines, and tackle business challenges because we lead our Big Data solutions with the mission first focus,” says Martore. CALIBRE differentiates itself with quality, technical capabilities, and innovation. The company partners with its customer and takes ownership for their mission. “At CALIBRE, our success follows directly from our customers’ success. The proof is found in CALIBRE’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) share value growth. Employee-ownership gives real meaning to our mission,” says Martore.

“As a services provider, we also offer physical and virtual cloud services to host our customers’ applications and data. The company operates a facility that connects to the military network and hosts secure websites. This facility allows us to provide our customers the control, access, security, and low cost that they require–on their own secure military networks,” says Martore.

CALIBRE has been providing consultation and technology services to the Department of Defence (DoD) and other Federal customers for over 25 years. One of CALIBRE’s customers wanted to better manage utility costs by digitally integrating electric meters at DoD facilities across the U.S. As a prime developer, CALIBRE started with the business mission and then developed a Big Data solution integrating utility data, weather data, and facility data, and developing the analytics and visualization tools that reach the core mission requirements which helped the customer manage its energy usage, operate more effectively, and save money.

Going forward, CALIBRE plans to continue to focus on self-service data visualization, non-structured data, larger data sets, more open source software with lower licensing costs, new security tools, complete virtualization, mobility, and cloudbased computing. While designing its products with a mobile first mentality to meet customer needs, the company is also ready for "predictably unpredictable” opportunities, with an emphasis on agility and awareness.


Alexandria, VA

Joseph A. Martore, CEO

An end-to-end management consulting and technology services company.