CallidusCloud: Automating Sales and Marketing Productivity to Fuel Growth

Leslie Stretch, CEO
While CRM platforms are mostly considered an automation platform for sales management, CallidusCloud, a provider of sales and marketing effectiveness cloud software, believes that there is a much greater opportunity to fuel growth by automating forecast opportunity concept that works best when enriched with data from the interactions between sales, marketing and the customer.

Based in Pleasanton, CA, CallidusCloud provides organizations with a suite to accelerate and maximize their lead to money process. CallidusCloud identifies the right leads, ensures proper territory and quota distribution, enables sales forces, automates quote and proposal generation, and streamlines sales compensation.

To align with the needs of sales CallidusCloud’s Lead to Money suite automates marketing automation, mobile learning, sales coaching, sales enablement, configure price quote, sales gamification, incentive compensation, and channel management. “We believe in a consumer like user experience for all our customers. We create a data environment for spreadsheets, documents, and emails with our simple tools to analyze the performance of the client’s sales force,” says Leslie Stretch, President and CEO, CallidusCloud. Sales teams, therefore, do not have to dedicate their time on finding the right leads, or tracking information that may be time consuming. On the flipside, marketing becomes more effective as they now have a means of capturing insight into the materials that can be used to achieve winning sales cycles.

CallidusCloud serves the large enterprises with its Big Data management solution called Thunderbridge, that enables real-time exploration of granular sales data. Thunderbridge ensures the easy accessibility of ‘big sales data’, which can be analyzed and molded into effective insights for revolutionizing sales and channel decision-making processes.
CallidusCloud’s robust reporting and analytics platform provides the business intelligence needed to make proactive decisions on what markets to focus, the resulting sales goals and uncovers incentive and commissions strategies that drive the right sales behavior. This enables customers to adjust their go-to-market strategy throughout the fiscal period so that they can achieve their sales and financial targets.

CallidusCloud has evolved from detecting commission management problems to becoming a Lead to Money suite provider. The company performs automated functions of managing incentive commissions for well-known companies like Verizon, HSBC, Nokia, Philips, Pfizer, Siemens, Vodafone and many such worldwide. CallidusCloud customers processed over $880 billion dollars of revenue, up by 22 percent from a year ago, whilst paying 9 percent less commissions in 2013. “With the Callidus solution, incentive compensation is now a business asset. We have the power to use incentive compensation to address market changes and opportunities, and take a proactive part in helping the organization achieve its next level of growth and better meet the needs of our members,” comments Michael Kahns, manager, sales and incentive compensation at American Automobile Association.

Unlike competitors who exist in different silos, CallidusCloud provides a complete suite to its customers who do not have to look out for standalone solutions, and can simply rely on its single Lead to Money offering for all major sales and marketing issues. As it is beneficial for customers to implement a single solution with all requirements, single threaded approaches are less enamored by them, easily differentiating Callidus Cloud from other players in the market.

According to Stretch, cloud technology is the key driver of Big Data issues and he believes that everything should be delivered via cloud. Going forward, CallidusCloud aims to be on the mobile device of every successful sales organization.

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Pleasanton, CA

Leslie Stretch, CEO

Enables clients to accelerate and maximize lead to money processes with a complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads.