CBIG Consulting: Decade of Expertise in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Consulting

CIO VendorTodd Nash, Founding Principal
There is a lot of chaos in the Big Data market when it comes to understanding what its technology can offer—partly because technologies and process solutions can change so rapidly. CBIG Consulting brings an answer to the growing changes in the Big Data market with its ability to develop and provide definitive guidelines as a starting point around Big Data.

To determine the governance, business usage, data usage and technology decisions, CBIG Consulting, headquartered in Rosemont, IL, offers Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics solutions to customers. The company changed its name from Chicago Business Intelligence Group to CBIG Consulting in 2012 to reflect its expanded focus on Big Data Analytics as it relates to Business Intelligence. While BI and data warehousing remain CBIG’s foundation and continue to represent their core services, CBIG’s expertise and experience have naturally progressed in recent years to incorporate and leverage the power of Big Data Analytics, Cloudbased Analytics, and Lean BI/Big Data solutions to better serve clients.

Lean BI and hybrid Lean Big Data architecture solutions, as well as CBIG’s vertical service offerings, are ideal options that allow its clients to gain critical BI capabilities in a less expensive, cumbersome package. Enterprises have employed CBIG’s streamlined LeanBI™ architecture solution using Data Warehouse Appliance (DWA) technology that attests both to its long lifecycle and the success clients achieved with this less complex BI approach.

CBIG’s expertise has naturally progressed to incorporate and leverage the power of Big Data Analytics, Cloud-based Analytics, and Lean BI/Big Data solutions to better serve clients

The firm also built its CBIG Framework™ Big Data methodology in 2011 which initiated them to offer CBIG CloudTM solutions and prebuilt Big Data accelerators in 2012. CBIG also launched the American Development Center, a multi-tiered initiative designed to provide a more competitive onshore Alternative to offshore software development while generating high-level BI/DW jobs in the U.S.

Todd Nash, Founding Principal of the company explains, “All of the companies we’re currently working with are optimizing their BI investment with analytics as they introduce Big Data for primarily storage and pre-processing, identifying and capturing the types of data on which they would like to execute these analytical processes.” The company also offers pre-built accelerators to help jumpstart Big Data initiatives and provide stak eholders with a strong proof-of-value use case going forward. CBIG currently works with companies in industries like retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, logistics, health care, CPG, higher education and financial services.

Technologies like Hadoop, Data Visualization software, and Cloud BI have significantly changed the landscape and influenced the way CBIG mentors it s clients. This software has removed the TCO, initial investment and time-tomarket constraints that had challenged business and IT departments for years.

“In 2014, we’re rolling out industryspecific, vertical solutions based on existing services. We’re also launching Version 2 of our CBIG LeanBI™ and CBIG LeanBD™ architecture solutions that streamline Big Data implementations using DW appliance technology,” states Nash. This performance-based, realtime processing model within a singlesource data warehouse eliminates the need for more traditionally complex and time-consuming ETL toolsets and batch processes.

The company believes in building its skillsets and available resources in alignment with the increased demand in the market. "Providing continual education is key to the success of these efforts—we have begun to build out a knowledge-share training program to empower our staff with the business intelligence, data warehouse, and big data practical-real world experiences,”
explains Nash.

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CBIG Consulting

Rosemont, IL

Todd Nash, Founding Principal

Determines the governance, business usage, data usage and technology decisions with Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.