DataMetica: Analytics that Unravels Business Problems

Rajiv Gupta, CEO
Enterprise raw data needs to be translated into meaningful nformation. There is a growing need to handle complex analytics on enterprise data in near real time at affordable cost. These are challenges every enterprise of today is currently facing! Most businesses use archaic tools to handle data, and many firms lack the skill to use new tools to their advantage.

DataMetica, headquartered in Pune, India, understands these challenges. With its extensive knowledge, skills and techniques, it helps companies take decisions based on enterprise data management, predictive or real-time analytics and Big Data framework solutions.

“DataMetica is led by some of the strongest experts in NoSQL and Hadoop and we are dedicated to client success from Big Data concept to production, to be the Big Data solutionists,” says Rajiv Gupta, CEO of DataMetica. With in-depth practical knowledge and operational experience, the company creates or modifies applications, integrates data, addresses data profiling and quality problems and implements new techniques and tools into an enterprise. “You will find a lot of people who understand the tools from the technical point of view but they don’t know how to build and run those operating tools in a reliable production setting. This is what makes us different from others,” says Dr. Phil Shelley, Director at DataMetica.

Why DataMetica

DataMetica offers strategic data integration solutions that drive value from enterprise data, source and load data into these new tools and connect legacy systems to capture data in real time. It also models raw data and makes it usable from an analytics point of view to gain key insights. “DataMetica builds analytics, applications and algorithms on top of the data to bring out meaning and move old applications and recode them to newer languages,” says Shelley. The data outflow from the systems are integrated through visualization, graphics, reporting and the tools for downstream systems. The company monitors and manages systems continuously to tackle the job or data failures, update code, reduce risk and address security. The result—all the clients are benefiting immensely from the solutions provided to them. DataMetica gets companies from Big Data idea to production in weeks.

Our clients and partners; how we helped BSE gain from their Big Data situation

DataMetica’s solutions have spanned industry verticals such as retail, financial services, healthcare and insurance.

DataMetica is led by some of the strongest experts in NoSQL and Hadoop and we are dedicated to client success from Big Data concept to production, to be the Big Data solutionists

DataMetica has gained a large number of partners and clients such as Datameer, Targit, MAPR technologies and Hortonworks.

In an interesting case study, DataMetica implemented a breakthrough solution for the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). BSE faced an exponential data growth that compounded to other problems such as performance constraints, an inability to carry out complex analytics quickly and therefore, high costs. BSE is the seventh largest stock exchange in the world, and any data improvement solution necessitated careful thought and execution. DataMetica offered BSE a phased solution. The main offering consisted of a Hadoop solution to move BSE’s legacy information management platform to an open source one. It helped BSE migrate to a massively scalable platform coupled with significantly higher performance at a very economical cost of ownership. “We helped our client deploy a next-generation analytic platform using open source Big Data technologies and set up a large Hadoop cluster at a fraction of the cost of a traditional enterprise solution,” says Gupta.

Looking ahead

Envisioning the massive transformation in data analytics management, DataMetica has integrated Big Data tools in mainstream industries such as Internet, retail, logistics and healthcare. The solutions are a massive transformation; they are more flexible, faster from a data and analytics point of view and of lower cost. “Our solutions offer greater processing power, bringing exciting new capabilities to enterprises small, medium and large” says Shelley.


Pune, India

Rajiv Gupta, CEO

It helps organizations process and astutely consume data of all types with its unique capabilities, experience and technology expertise.