International Integrated Solutions: Removing Constraints with Data Analytics

John Iacone, CEO and President
Cloud and Big Data are the trending buzzwords of today, but companies still fall short in exploiting the benefits of these technologies to the fullest. International Integrated Solutions, whose business models revolve around Big Data and Cloud, is addressing this issue by tackling it from different angles and providing adaptive and resilient solutions. The company’s traditional hardware experts and their growing team of skilled data scientists are on a mission to educate customers on how Big Data solutions can help their business grow.

“We are a company that focuses on delivering hardware based solutions in the process of converting over to Big Data and Cloud based solutions,” says John Iacone, Chief Executive Officer and President, International Integrated Solutions. The company has built partnerships with the likes of HP, RedHat and VMware, and has garnered a reputation for itself as a reliable company that brings value to customers by deploying complex business critical IT solutions.

At the center of IIS’s focus right now is Big Data, for which they are utilizing HP’s product Vertica to perform real-time analytics. They have built a lot of expertise around desiging environments that give customers quick and immediate access to analytics performance on queries. Besides that, IIS is also working with Hadoop and building Hadoop clusters that meet their customers’needs.

From the Big Data perspective, digital marketing and retail companies have access to large amounts of data that they wish to leverage. Particularly in the retail space, companies are collecting data on their client base in an attempt to know more about their customers, and market to them as individuals rather than a broad group. IIS here reduces the operational costs and increases the efficiencies of clients by providing accurate customer, predictive, supply chain and risk analysis.
One of the digital marketing companies IIS worked with had a legacy second-generation analytics platform that was neither meeting the demands of their growing business, nor allowing them to add new offerings into the market. IIS brought down their query time dramatically from 10 hours to half an hour by replacing their existing environment with a Vertica based solution that also brought significant cost savings to the company.

Our technical know-how is as good as the manufacturers we represent. Our ability to bring knowledge and expertise to our customers is the critical ingredient for our success

With 24 years of experience, IIS has an intimate understanding of the products they sell. “Our technical knowhow is as good as the manufacturers we represent. Our ability to bring knowledge and expertise to our customers is the critical ingredient for our success,” asserts Iacone. The proficiency of their team, coupled with their hands-on experience with all of the solutions they provide and represent, brings a tremendous amount of added value to IIS’ customer base. Monitoring the latest happenings and market trends is essential for a company to stay competitive, and IIS being well aware of this, uses a variety of sources like Gartner, IDC and Wikibon to have a clear view of their heading and destination.

Over the next few years, Iacone intends to steer IIS into a more services and solutions oriented company by building on their software expertise that enables them to provide complete solutions to customers. “Two or three years down the road we visualize going to the market with a solution for a specific industry. If financial companies have a problem, we’ll be able to go in and say, ‘We can solve that problem by selling you a solution X,’” affirms Iacone.

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John Iacone, CEO and President

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