Moser Consulting: Revolutionizing the Big Data and Infrastructure Management Industry

Ty Moser, CEO
With enterprises moving vigorously towards a data driven approach, more data is being collected and processed. This generates storage infrastructure complexity, along with the challenges to consolidate and correlate foreign data sources with enterprises’ own data. Moser Consulting is born out of this need—to address these disparities with right data management solutions that lower cost, improve performance and secure the databases.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, Moser Consulting provides solutions to companies regarding large-scale database and infrastructure services with a focus on database and systems administration, design and performance optimization. Moser Consulting focuses on simplifying client’s mountain of data.

When provided with challenges to consolidate and correlate multiple data sources, Moser offloads the correlation, as well as the extract, transform and load (ETL) activities. “Our solutions enable the enterprise to free up valuable computing real estate which allows clients to leverage this new space to focus more efficiently on analytics and exploration,” says Ty Moser, CEO, Moser Consulting.

Moser Consulting has been helping its clients meet their needs using Big Data initiatives and Managed Services offerings. “We are flexible in initiatives, which evolved out of the company’s business intelligence, infrastructure and data management practices. In support of our client’s continued growth, our focus will be centered upon providing cutting edge solutions to their specific needs,” adds Moser. Moser Consulting engineers flexible Big Data platforms. The advanced analytics and data science helps discover new insights regarding the information or operations, which allows clients to become more efficiently streamlined and also manage their capabilities, capacities and resources.

For more than a decade Moser Consulting has been providing consultation and technology services to the finance, healthcare and insurance sectors. For instance, one of its clients was taking up to 20 hours to complete one day’s worth of transactions.
After verifying the problem, using a measurement system and analyzing the data, Moser Consulting created a customized solution utilizing various technologies such as Hadoop and Cascading through which the client was able to efficiently run their ETL job, resulting in an end-to-end load process which took just 15 minutes to complete. This resulted in a 97.9 percent improvement in time efficiency for the client.

The ability to be responsive in a rapidly changing market makes Moser Consulting way ahead in the competition. “We have a strong training and education focus that supports the growth and learning of experienced, certified consultants. Because of this, consultants stay abreast of state-of-the-art techniques and use the industry’s leading tools to meet client’s needs,” says Moser. The company also values building and maintaining partnerships with its clients. “As a partner, we engage in dialogue that allows us to discover our client’s requirements. It is this partnership that allows us to create a customized service level agreement that is tailored to meet the individual client’s database needs,” Moser adds.

Our solutions enable the enterprise to free up valuable computing real estate which allows clients to leverage this new space to focus more efficiently on analytics and exploration

Moving forward, Moser Consulting continues to focus on Infrastructure Managed Services and Big Data initiatives to grow and meet client needs, as more companies adopt the techniques and tools employed for managing and leveraging their information assets. The company aims to achieve its goals by being client centric and enhancing a strong workforce focus and utilizing a critical measurement, analysis, and knowledge management system targeting improved results for its clients.

Moser Consulting

Indianapolis, IN

Ty Moser, CEO

Moser Consulting is a technology solutions company focused on 4 practices: Data Management, Infrastructure, Custom Application Development and Big Data.