PYRAMID ANALYTICS: Governed Self-Service Business Analytics for Data Discovery

Omri Kohl, CEO
“In the world of information technology a company’s success depends on making smart decisions and this becomes difficult as data becomes bigger and the number of internal and external data sources increase. The challenge is how to do it in a secure, centralized and managed way that still keeps the innovation in the hands of the business users,” says Omri Kohl, Co-Founder and CEO, Pyramid Analytics. Founded in 2009, Pyramid Analytics’ platform “BI Office” focuses on delivering the most complete Governed Data Discovery Business Intelligence (BI) solution providing advanced data analytics, narrative creation, and storytelling.

Our methodology to democratize access to data providers an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that is accessible from everywhere on any device within a governed environment

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Pyramid Analytics has a vision to enable individuals to ask questions with their data sources and understand the answers without necessarily having an analytical background. The company’s methodology is to democratize access to data by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that is accessible from everywhere on any device but maintaining the enterprise needs for a governed, secured and scalable environment.

Pyramid Analytics, with its enterprise “BI office” suite has created a paradigm shift in the Business Intelligence market. With the concept of governed data discovery, Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office platform is built from the ground up to serve both business users’ needs and enterprise IT expectations in terms of security, scalability, performance, stability, and data integration.
BI Office’s web-based multi-tenant architecture is perfect for an on-premise private cloud implementation and its proprietary technology is built to provide high-end analytic capabilities over the web (in a desktop-like experience), without compromising the user’s analytical expectations. “This infrastructure is meant to serve and exceed enterprise IT implementation expectations and allows the organization an immediate time to market for all BI projects,” adds Kohl.

“BI Office was built from the ground up as a governed data discovery tool. Therefore, it provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) due to low maintenance needs, a tiered licensing model and high user adoption. All of these factors have contributed to the BI Office phenomenon of a ‘single source of truth’ allowing for any organization to make decisions faster. By providing the best TCO in the market and a managed data discovery platform, Pyramid Analytics has been chosen as the standard tool for its customers as it consolidates all of their business analytic needs under one singular platform,” explains Kohl.

Pyramid Analytics’ clientele includes Microsoft, EMC, Siemens, Blackboard, Hallmark, Orange, Voith, CDW, Jefferson, Swiss Army and many others. In an interesting case study, Memorial Health Care Systems (MHS) wanted a solution that married the benefits of self-service BI with the governance of enterprise BI. MHS began looking for a new BI system in early 2012; they needed to leverage their existing Microsoft’s BI stack and provide management and business users ‘self-service BI capabilities’. Pyramid Analytics provided MHS business users with the end-user driven custom calculations, dynamic sets and flexible data modeling enabling geospatial heat-map capabilities against MHS’s existing solutions.

Going forward, Pyramid Analytics will continue to be a visionary and disruptive vendor by heavily investing in research and development. “We believe that sustainable innovation with a realistic approach is the key for success,” concludes Kohl.


Seattle, WA,

Omri Kohl, CEO

Focuses on democratizing access to data by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that is accessible from everywhere on any device but maintaining the enterprise needs for a governed, secured and scalable environment.