Razorsight: Applying Data Science to Radically Improve Customer Experiences

Charlie Thomas, CEO
In the communications industry, churn continues to be a costly issue. Merely adding a big data platform won’t necessarily help. Carriers need a forward-looking approach that leverages advanced analytics to the max–not just saving customers, but increasing their value over the life of the account.

That’s where Razorsight steps in: elevating analytics as the foundation of Customer Experience Management to drive radical improvements for both the customer and the business.“In a market where products and pricing are quickly copied and commoditized, Razorsight helps providers compete on a different level – the quality of the service experience,” says CEO Charlie Thomas. “Our goal is to help communications and media companies convert customer churn into its opposite and to leverage every profit opportunity.”

Razorsight has been at it for over a decade. Their customer list spans more than 80 leading brands in communications and media including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Telus, Tata, IBM, Facebook and T-Mobile. Because Razorsight’s products are cloud-based, service providers do not buy, install or maintain any software. Pre-built analytics solutions work off-the-shelf to deliver actionable insights to management, finance, operations, and sales and marketing. Smartphone apps developed for each group speed the process, showing predictive insights in real time so managers see customer-impacting issues before they develop into problems.

“Razorsight can forecast network issues right down to the location with a very high degree of accuracy,” says Thomas. “This enables service providers to be much more proactive.” Examples:

• By allocating field technicians to the exact locations where service issues are most likely to occur, Razorsight helps reduce “truck roll” costs and improve the customer’s service experience.
• In sales and marketing, companies can perform granular targeting and segmentation to deliver precise messages to a specific customer group or individual, improving conversion rates on tailored offers.

• For the customer experiencing video streaming issues, the service provider might see that the problem is an older device, then offer a new smart phone plus a better data package at a discount to keep his business–and grow his value over time.

Comcast, one of the largest media and communications companies in the world, is a longtime customer that continues to leverage Razorsight analytics. Over the years, Razorsight has played an important role in Comcast’s expansion agenda. Razorsight delivered a significant level of automation and insights to Comcast, helping them grow their Triple Play subscribers from 0 to 11 million. The relationship also led Razorsight to expand its product line in areas that further benefit Comcast. “We listen to our customers and grow our product portfolio in alignment with their needs,” says Thomas.

Our goal is to help communications and media companies convert customer churn into its opposite and to leverage every profit opportunity

Razorsight has demonstrated a strong penchant for being nimble and highly responsive to the market. With cloud, mobility, the Internet of Things, SDN and virtualization fueling rapid change in the industry, Thomas sees Razorsight being well positioned to take the challenges of tomorrow and turn them into assets that provide added value to their customers. “Our solutions increasingly enable communications and media companies to deliver a one-to-one personalized experience to customers,” says Thomas.


Reston, VA

Charlie Thomas, CEO

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