Relational Solutions, Inc.: Delivers Enterprise Demand Signal Repositories to the Consumer Goods Ind

CIO VendorJanet Dorenkott and Rob York, Co-Founders
CPG companies face the unique issue of integrating internal data as well as data that comes from retailers and other companies. To curb these big data problems, marketing and sales teams approach Relational Solutions, a company headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Relational Solutions proposes an enterprise DSR solution as well as a post promotion automation and analytics solution to address the volume, variety, velocity and complexity associated with big data for CPG companies.

Relational Solutions' background lies in data warehousing, demand signal repositories and Business Intelligence. This makes the company uniquely qualified to deal with data cleansing and integration issues associated with point of sale (POS) and Big Data. The company addresses a number of pain points for customers by putting POS data in a reliable and usable format.

By streamlining and automating the integration process, we leverage data to provide businesses with more insights and value

Their flagship product, POSmart, automates the integration, cleansing and harmonization of point of sale data and syndicated data, with internal data coming from ERP systems. With POSmart, retail teams can see where they're out of stock. Supply chain teams can view shipments versus consumption. Marketing teams can see if promotions are impacting sales, executives can see where they're most profitable. POS data from retailers including Walmart, CVS, Target, Kroger and virtually any other retailer can be leveraged against any internal data to give insights and maximize ROI. Their data model allows CPG companies to view data based on their internal calendars and their terms. It also automates the ability to report back to retailers using their calendars and their terms.
With BlueSky Integration Studio (BIS), Relational Solutions is able to integrate data encompassing ERP data, social media chatter, emerging market data, distributor data, EDI files, syndicated data, POS, RetailLink data and much more. "Our BlueSky Integration Studio is an enterprise integration engine that extracts, transforms, cleanses and integrates virtually all data types. We have pre-designed mappings for retailers and processes to cleanse and integrate data," says Janet Dorenkott, Co-founder of Relational Solutions.

BlueSky Analytics is their powerful, end user tool that even lets power users query data from multiple sources and distribute reports securely to users. It is the company's extensive experience in working with hundreds of data sources along with their knowledge of data modeling, data cleansing, data harmonization, business intelligence and industry expertise that makes Relational Solutions, first choice for their customers. Relational Solutions' offerings, such as POSmart and Post Promotion Automation and Analytics, are designed as enterprise solutions that solve business needs for CPG companies. "Our technology makes data, structured, unstructured and hybrid, work together. By streamlining and automating the integration process, we leverage data to provide businesses with more insights and value," comments Janet. For example, where social media data includes geographic information, they can align sentiment to determine impact on sales. They take extracts from unstructured data sources, apply business rules and use their data model to harmonize it with your internal infrastructure.

Relational Solutions was founded in 1996. They offer both in-house solutions as well as cloud based solutions. Cloud based solutions can be customized for your needs. Their open architecture is very flexible and supports many databases including Teradata, SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and others. Relational Solutions continues to develop products that address the business needs of consumer goods companies, allowing customers to leverage data to support sales, category management, supply chain, marketing, finance teams, executives and others.

Relational Solutions

Cleveland, OH

Janet Dorenkott and Rob York, Co-Founders

Experts in data warehousing, business intelligence, data integration and demand signal repository.