WGSigma Systems:Tapping Into Unexplored Avenues Through Real Time Solutions

Wai Wong, President and CEO
Companies are on a hunt for applications to combat problems of too much data accumulation which does not help the business, but many vendors merely provide data analysis tools which require laborious, time consuming and expensive human analysis before the information is usable. To minimize this information lag, the idea of having cognitive applications that operationalize Big Data in the real time flow of business will be a big step forward. Addressing this gap is WGSigma Systems, a Big Data solutions and infrastructure provider that provides business operations with intelligence and orchestration of actions from both raw and curated data available.

We are helping businesses take real time deterministic action from large amounts of unstructured data that needs to be immediately co related between the modern systems that are in place today

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, WGSigma Systems has move beyond mere data analysis and business dashboards, WGSigma provides general middleware to enabling application developers to create and customize real time Big Data applications. According to Wai Wong, President and CEO, WGSigma Systems, most Big Data solutions currently available in the market are offline in nature. They do not provide real time analysis, real time interaction support and do not create intelligence without human curation. Data only gets processed through human intervention and the scope to explore new opportunities with the procured data stays limited. “WGSigma does everything on a streaming real time basis, we combine information from unstructured and structured data and derive at intelligence to support enterprises in various sectors,” says Wong.
The company combines the most proven and capable predictive analytics, semantic and cognitive technologies, Big Data analysis methods and directed graph storage into an integrated offering, saving enterprises the significant expense, risk, and time to build the infrastructure to leverage Big Data in their current business applications.

“There has been a rapid evolution in mobile and interaction technologies, enterprises now interact with their clients and customers through constantly new ways. This trend is creating an explosion of available data that can be used to benefit all businesses. We are addressing the problem of how to future proof correlation of this data evolution with the business application systems those are in place now,” says Wong. WGSigma System’s offering, the Sigma Application Server, is a cognitive software platform that applies next generation capabilities to support existing business systems, to integrate and bring enhanced analysis for decision-making in real time. Without expensive development, current transactional applications have limited ability to understand unstructured data, correlate it, and take automated actions. Sigma supports a new breed of solutions that applies analysis, prediction and intelligent decisioning to operational, provisioning, service, auditing, and monitoring tasks. “We have a system that learns and understands real time information in a holistic way which in turn triggers real time actions for applications in place today,” he adds.

WGSigma is innovating in new avenues where it can effectively utilize its technology and expertise. “In the construction contract management vertical and the telecommunications vertical, there is a plethora of data that can be converted into intelligence. We have tapped into this data and the intelligence that could be derived out of it fascinated us,” says an excited Wong. “Recently we signed a major telecom company to work on an innovation project” he adds. WGSigma Systems also can serve other industry verticals including retail, financial services and IT management. “We have enhanced the visibility of our solutions by innovating restlessly and bringing more domain specific solutions to suit the needs of clients,” says Wong. In the coming days, WGSigma Systems plans to continue to expand its solution suite to help companies in all industry verticals to achieve their organizational goals at a faster pace, bringing data together in exciting new ways to stimulate and support business execution in real time.

WGSigma Systems

SanJose, CA

Wai Wong, President and CEO

A Big Data solution and infrastructure provider that uses raw real time business data to provide business operations with alerts, correlated visibility and recommended best actions in the “now ”.