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Arun Prasad, President & CEO
It has been quite some time since the analytics world has been subjected to the big data buzz. But even after realizing the boon of big data, most organizations fail to utilize its potential to the maximum. Often, this is due to a lack of synergy between the technologists and the business leadership. From the technological point of view, “extracting data from multiple sources and streaming in real time is the fundamental challenge. A part of the data can be lost or become redundant, compounding the problem,” says Arun Prasad, President and CEO of 1-Enterprise.

The company specializes in providing accurate real-time or near real-time big data analytics based on SAP HANA. In addition to their SAP expertise, 1-Enterprise excels in leveraging the open-source platform Hadoop to facilitate quicker output for operations that do not demand high levels of accuracy. “We are mastering the extraction of data, along with streaming large volumes of data by building our own adapters,” says Prasad. In order to provide more than just a pin-hole view of disparate sets of data, the company works on algorithms to de-normalize the data into meaningful information. “Our application digs out the data and ensures minimal information loss during extraction and transportation of data,” adds Prasad.

1-Enterprise’s most popular product, Duuramatics, provides credible big data intelligence by working closely with SAP. With Duuramatics, 1-Enterprise merges operational information and financial information with their activity based costing algorithm. Duuramatics follows the Cost of Production System (COPS) Model through which gross margins can be known at a transactional level as opposed to a monthly or yearly basis. In conjunction, 1- Enterprise’s AC Monkey is a classic Internet of Things (IoT)/remote management solution. “By placing sensors within an air-conditioned place, we can stream data about the quality of air inside the room, its temperature, and the heat source, and then push that data to the cloud,” explains Prasad. With this stream of data, manufacturers can learn about the real-time usage information and improve their product.
Development of these innovative products can be attributed to 1-Enterprise’s hybrid approach to business challenges. Prasad says, “We have been providing management consulting for the last 25 years with a thorough knowledge of technology.”

An illustration of 1-Enterprise’s unique approach can be the instance when one of their clients wanted to grow from being a medium-sized enterprise into a large organization within five years. “With Duuramatics, we quickened the manufacturing process by optimizing their supply chain, increased the speed of sourcing, and accuracy of processes,” says Prasad. By using concepts like Factory-in-Factory, 1-Enterprise segregated the client’s products according to the complexity and suggested them to produce different products in separate assembly lines. “This directly led to a 30–40 percent revenue increase and a 20–30 percent reduction in spending for the client,” explains Prasad.

Our application digs out the data and ensures minimal information loss during extraction and transportation of data

For the days to come, 1-Enterprise is looking to expand its geographical footprint outside the U.S. and India. “We are contemplating on raising capital to help us explore different markets, while being conscious of the constant changes happening in the world of technology,” says Prasad. In terms of innovation, the company is working on a technology in the Sixth Sense/Mind Control arena, which will enable a person to control a robot with nothing but one’s mind.


Bangalore, India

Arun Prasad, President & CEO

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