Apervita: Democratizing Health Analytics & Data

Paul Magelli, CEO
Today, big data in healthcare is being used to predict epidemics, cure diseases, and improve the quality of life. The U.S. healthcare sector is experiencing an exponential rise of 29 million people suffering from diabetes. Adding to it, the graph of pre-diabetic patients has also gone up to 86 million. Such situations are bringing a turbulent global transformation in the healthcare industry where models of treatment delivery are rapidly changing—primarily driven by the data explosion. In line with the same, Apervita delivers an open platform that enables health professionals to take timely, informed, and preventative decisions by bringing together fragmented health knowledge with big health data. “We, at Apervita, provide a health analytics platform and marketplace built on a private, secure infrastructure. It enables health professionals to transform the world’s health knowledge into thousands of trusted insights,” explains Paul Magelli, CEO, Apervita. Based in Chicago, IL, Apervita allows providers to tap into complex patient data to reduce medical complications, prevent future adverse events, drive down healthcare costs, and significantly improve the efficacy of care delivery.

“Our platform allows medical professionals to access important health information based on their own requirements,” states Magelli. With its health analytics and data platform, Apervita frees the knowledge that is locked into paper documents, people and proprietary systems. The firm empowers providers to transform these into computable and shareable analytics. “We are committed to enabling the sharing of algorithms, protocols, measures and data between health organizations and focused on facilitating them to provide the best possible care to patients,” affirms Magelli. Apervita achieves this by allowing medical experts and enterprises to author and implement, publish, and subscribe to computable health knowledge to improve health outcomes and efficiency.

Aiming to ‘Democratize Health Analytics and Data,’ Apervita allows its users to make health knowledge computable and can readily accessible, similar to a Global Positioning System (GPS). “A GPS system helps a traveler to follow the delivered location-oriented information to safely reach their destination,” says Magelli. Likewise, Apervita guides healthcare professionals across the globe with timely and relevant insights, facilitating them to practice the best and safest clinical care.
“Apervita allows clinical experts to upload, secure, share, and, most importantly, operationalize any type of health information. This includes population, patient information, medication, billing, and claims data, directly on platform or through web services,” articulates Magelli. By enabling others to derive insight from the data, they can create solutions that address some of the biggest healthcare challenges, such as chronic disease management, 30-days readmission prevention, cancer, early warning, quality, and patient safety.

We provide health enterprise with a new platform for delivering the best possible care everywhere, empowering the everyone to make health knowledge computable and portable

Mayo Clinic, a non-profit medical practice and medical research organization, is one of the many experts to contribute medical care knowledge in the Apervita platform. Mayo Clinic focuses on sharing its specialized algorithms related to the cardiovascular, pulmonology, and oncology specialties through the Apervita Market. “Our collaboration with Mayo’s professionals effectively sifts vast information and enable users to quickly identify patients at risk,” says Magelli. “Through our partners, we also provide appropriate consultation so that users can readily adapt their workflow.”

With a vision to capture the world’s health knowledge and make it computable, Apervita focuses on adding advanced technological improvements to its existing platform. By doing that, “we will work towards serving and educating the 7 billion people of this planet, empowering health professionals to deliver the best medical practice—to suit the patient’s health condition and reduce the mortality rates particularly due to chronic diseases,” adds Magelli.


Chicago, IL

Paul Magelli, CEO

Provider of the Apervita platform and marketplace for health analytics & data where enterprises can create, discover, and apply on-demand health insight.