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Ramon Barquin, President
With a fourth degree black belt and a Caribbean Judo championship title under his belt, Ramon Barquin, President of Barquin International reckons that many martial arts principles have influenced his management style at Barquin International. “We are fair but tough combatants until the very end,but we try to exercise strong self-control and intelligence to ensure we fight smarter than the competition,” says Barquin. Lately, there has been a tremendous hype about big data and a lot of confusion around its impact. This has created a challenging situation for the CIOs to manage their expectations from the big data opportunities while implementing high ROI programs within their enterprise. Barquin International—a full-service information technology consulting firm— addresses this challenge by providing big data education modules and assists their clients in identifying and taking advantage of the data to facilitate actionable decisions.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Barquin International thrives on finding ways in which advanced data visualization suites, like Data-Driven Documents (D3) can bring out the potential of big data.“The big data buzz has unleashed its associated five Vs—volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value—which present both challenges and opportunities for data visualization,” says Barquin. It defines the current trends of agile development and advances in data visualization. Barquin International has been dedicated to agile development and delivery for almost a decade. “It allows us to use additional attributes and artifacts in the agile delivery envelope, whether it is open source and open data, focus on usability, clear roles, or transparency,” adds Barquin.

Through balanced data management knowledge, Barquin International provides a suite of knowledge management and business intelligence solutions. The company takes advantage of its Business Intelligence Explorer (BIX) to deliver customized solutions cost effectively, explore large repositories of client data, and provide them with the ability to visualize and understand it. This entire process enables clients to decide on their production environment for business intelligence reporting, analytics, data mining, and knowledge exploration.
BIX provides customers with state-of-the-art ‘Collaborative Business Intelligence’ and ‘Collaborative Decision Making.’Additionally, Barquin International has been a go-to firm for data warehousing. The Barquin Methodology for Building a Data Warehouse is a sixteen step process, which starts with a project plan, requirements gathering, and goes through testing, training, and deployment.“We have specialized in bringing a knowledge management approach to big data solutions,” asserts Barquin.

We specialize in bringing a knowledge management approach to big data solutions

“Being a believer in ‘coopetition,’ the confluence of cooperation and competition,we focuson addressing clients with strong value propositions,” says Barquin. This approach along with deep expertise in transforming organizations’ data into enhanced actionable decisions has empowered Barquin International to earn awards from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Homeland Security.

After these remarkable achievements, Barquin firmly believes that there is room for improvement while offering usable data to analysts. The data quality still needs to be addressed with improved data governance and a metadata framework that automates business rules. New analysts and data scientists must be given data that is fir for use otherwise meaningful analytics cannot be done and little value created. There also have to be different approaches to data ingestion that transforms the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process.

Moving forward, Barquin International has plans to build on their work in cognitive computing. The company has already experimented and demoed sentiment analysis tools that should provide useful application in the next year. “We are also eager to apply our expertise, tools, and techniques in the cyber arena where bringing predictive analytics squarely into the equation is a real opportunity,” concludes Barquin.

Barquin International

Washington, D.C

Ramon Barquin, President

Full-service information technology consulting firm that helps complex organization transform their data into enhanced actionable decisions