Beyond the Arc: Leveraging Customer Analytics for Actionable Insights

Steven J. Ramirez, CEO
There’s big hype around Big Data–it has become clear that Big Data should really be about using your data to drive business value. According to research by Wikibon, the market for Big Data solutions is expected to grow from $28.5 billion in 2014 to $50.1 billion in 2017. For companies, storing large treasure troves of data is only justified when the information is used to derive actionable insights. “Although Big Data undoubtedly holds immense potential, a common problem vexing CIOs is to glean insights trapped under data silos,” remarks Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond the Arc. To help companies achieve key objectives, Beyond the Arc offers data science and analytics, along with strategies that improve customer experience and communications across all touch points.

Unlocking the power of Big Data through predictive, text and social media analytics, Beyond the Arc provides companies with a strategic roadmap for increasing business value. Using proprietary text analytics models, methods and algorithms, they help clients better understand and characterize data to capture actionable insights from surveys, transactions, call center feedback, and social media. By applying thematic and entity models to datasets, they identify frequent topics of discussion and create systematic alerts to provide clients with targeted insights to improve customer experience and resolve business issues. “While we dive deep into analytics, we also build dashboards and reports with compelling data visualization to make it easier for executive teams to understand and translate findings into action plans,” states Ramirez.

According to Ramirez, a key area where Beyond the Arc is driving disruption is by applying predictive modeling to Big Data. Predictive analytics empowers companies to make more profitable business decisions with insights captured from analyzing purchasing patterns, customer preferences, and support feedback. This advanced analysis combines machine learning with predictive analytics to uncover probable customer behavior, which helps improve marketing effectiveness as well as risk mitigation and retention strategies.
Beyond the Arc also helps companies gain valuable insights from social media data (particularly Twitter and Facebook) using text analytics, predictive analytics, and sentiment analysis. They combine content strategy and social media analytics to provide unique approaches tailored to each company's needs, capturing social intelligence for optimum benefit.

Although Big Data undoubtedly holds immense potential, a common problem vexing CIOs is to glean insights trapped under data silos

How can advanced analytics impact a company’s bottom line by improving operations and marketing? One compelling example is Beyond the Arc’s work with a Top 5 bank that faced challenges in customer retention. Using text analytics, Beyond the Arc culled numerous text-based data sources to gain insight from millions of customer emails, surveys, and web comments dating back months. Their topic modeling, combined with a “silent majority analysis”, identified the volume of customers impacted by particular issues based on behavioral and other patterns. They were then able to create a system of alerts to track customer issues, escalate them to the appropriate departments, and take action. Beyond the Arc delivered insights that helped the bank reduce customer attrition and achieve measurable increases in retention rates and customer satisfaction scores.

What’s the next big thing for Big Data? Beyond the Arc is partnering with companies like IBM, and pioneering analytics in the cloud. They are accelerating time-to-insight, and reducing the operating cost and IT support needed to deploy analytics across an enterprise. Ramirez sees an exciting ride ahead, noting, “We’re passionate about leading the next wave of innovation in analytics and customer insight. Our solutions help our clients understand their customers and achieve optimal business gains from Big Data. This is just the beginning.”

Beyond the Arc

Berkeley, CA

Steven J. Ramirez, CEO

Provides data science and analytics, along with strategies that improve customer experience and communication