BitBang: Transforming Digital Analytics into Actions

Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO
Nowadays, organizations are seeking opportunities to supply valuable streams of information with the help of big data and create new revenue flows for the enterprise—especially when the firm moves from big data experimentation to production. This is further leading companies to turn more data into business insights and drive operational efficiency, while improving customer experience. However, organizations are increasingly facing challenges in transforming customer experiences and creating new revenue flows, including organizational decisions. BitBang focuses on unleashing the power of raw data in the hands of data scientists and data analysts aiming to address the needs of the digital analytics space. The company offers digital analytics, digital intelligence, customer intelligence and customer experience management services.

BitBang harnesses the power of big data to help organizations transform information into actionable insights and assists them in converting available information by breaking down the complex data sets. “At BitBang, we run several types of analysis such as omni-channel analysis, visitor segmentation, attribution analysis, modeling and simulation,” Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO, BitBang. “Our services and systems help understand and serve customers in terms of integration between real time and historical data. Additionally, BitBang data processing practice helps prepare data and govern it, while optimizing models that reveal and/or predict new insights,” says Lorenzoni.

BitBang enables companies to create a synergy between their internal and external operations that improves overall business performance and delivers the benefits of big data in marketing, sales, and customer service. Through this, BitBang helps organizations develop a data culture that involves the company’s clients throughout the process and close the gap between the available data and the firm’s ability to exploit it. “We work with enterprises across verticals, and craft customized solutions based on the top platforms in the analytics game,” states Lorenzoni.
“Our analytics and measurement services help clients develop digital management practices across channels and technology for the collection and distribution of data to drive comprehensive metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), useful insights and actionable recommendations,” adds Lorenzoni. The company’s analytics techniques predict future outcomes using a wide range of data sources and algorithms that enable organizations to improve their business performance both online and offline.

The company offers data-driven recommendations to engage audiences with personalized messages and establish relationships with prospects and customers. “We incorporate data from different sources into the analytical eco-systems,” says Lorenzoni.

Our analytics techniques predict future outcomes using a wide range of data sources and algorithms

BitBang helps its customers by governing and diversifying technologies to architect the multiple needs of enterprise scenarios, advanced analytics, and data science. The company evaluates and optimizes models that predict new insights and provides data reporting and data visualizations to simplify and spread information and insights across multiple organizations. “We help companies take actions from multi channel analysis to improve customer engagement and conversations,” says Lorenzoni.

The company’s ability to help its customers in digital analytics and enhanced marketing analytics, improves the customer experience management—setting it ahead in the competition. BitBang unlocks the power of data that will require new processes and skills to complement the new technical capability. Looking ahead, the company is intent on extending its marketing analytics consulting practice to deliver the omni-channel intelligence mandate helping the client’s important implications for organizational structure, enterprise strategy and technology needs.


Bologna, Italy

Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO

Provider of analytics, intelligence, and measurement services to help develop data management practices across channels